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I had a full week at home – NICE!  Lots of admin this week, and paperwork too.  Next week will be lots in the lab and looking forward to that.  At VMworld I did a few interviews and one has now popped and it is pretty good and you can find it here.  Some cool very smart guys helped and we had a good conversation around vSphere 6.5.  It is a very big release – certainly the biggest in my memory, and I am looking forward to it.

BTW, Veeam B&R 9.5 – when it is out – will not support vSphere 6.5.  Too much new stuff in vSphere 6.5.  But within 30 days or so of vSphere 6.5 we should have Update 1 of VBR 9.5 out and that will support vSphere 6.5. One of the things interesting is the encrypted VMs.  I will provide some info on how that will work soon.

I got a lot of comments on my vSphere 6.5 newsletter last week so I am happy about that.  Instead of putting new articles on the still unreleased vSphere 6.5 in this newsletter I have updated that vSphere 6.5 newsletter.   I added a fair number today and I have put Newly Added – in front of each new title.  Once vSphere 6.5 is GA, I will started sharing in my normal newsletters the good articles.

I also did an odd article that was prompted by someone who believed what he saw in a television show.

But, I have lots to share – really.  So lets get started!

Have a great week!


Customization of Windows Customization fails with the error …
The customization of VMs is a pain to troubleshoot so any article about a problem with it and a solution is something I am a sucker to share.

VMware Cloud Foundation Digging Deeper in to Architecture
Ray does a nice job explaining more about the Cloud Foundation and from an architecture point of view.

VMware Tools 10.1 and 10.0.12
A new release of VMware Tools – and info on it – can be found here. I would like to suggest that – perhaps – you should not use this version – or any – that are outside of vSphere unless you have a very good reason. Your default should be to use VMware Tools that is inside vSphere.

How Admission Control really works
This is a good reminder on how admission control really works.

ESXi Locking and how to kill a frozen VM
An interesting article about finding a VM that is frozen and killing it.  Not something you should have to do very often, but if you ever do this is a good article to know about!

VMware Cloud on AWS – Demo
This is something that came up a lot in VMworld EMEA. So a nice demo if you need to learn a little bit more. You can find an interesting third-party discussion on VMware and ASW.

What’s New in VMware Site Recovery Manager 6.5
This is quite a big release in that it has a fair number of new features.  I love that it has a vROps Management Pack now as well.  It seems it may be out at nearly the same time as vSphere 6.5 which is also good.  I think that it is a very big deal it supports vCSA HA – which I guess it should but that is still very nice indeed.  See the full list here.

vROps Webinar 2016 – Part 7: Working with Alerts  & Symptoms
This webinar video hits a weak spot in many customer’s use of vROps and so I think it pretty useful.

vSphere 6.5 Operations Management Announcements
A list of the new features of vROps 6.5 and Log Insight 4.0.  A good list too!

Log Insight 4.0 is announced
I think it is no secret that I love Log Insight – and in fact some of next week I have to do work on my LI Veeam Content Pack – but it was interesting to see what is in 4.0 – or what they are willing to mention before GA.  See the article by Steve for more info.  I like the idea of the Clarity UI as we need more standardization, but I also like the preview of the vIDM integration.  And the new Gauge chart looks very cool and I can’t wait to play with it.

OOTB Infoblox IPAM with vRA 7.1 – Setup Guide
Integrating vRA with IPAM is not that uncommon and it is often hard.  So it is good to have some help and with a somewhat common IPAM solution too.

Installing vRealize Network Insight
This is a new VMware product that is slowly becoming more popular. I am starting to hear interesting comments about it.  You can find out how to install it here, but here is an introduction to the product.

VMworld 2016 Europe Video Roundup
You can see the main videos from VMworld in Barcelona – including vBrownbag.

It Dangerous to go alone! Take This
A nice article for those thinking of embarking on the VCDX journey.  And that is exactly what it is too – a journey!  Good info.

Install Unify Video NVR on Ubuntu 14.04 VMware VM
I know that a number of you use the Ubiquiti Wifi and the camera’s seem to good – from what I hear – and a good price so the next step is the network video recorder which is likely too expensive. So it is good you can replace it with this article.  BTW, I have purchased eero Home Wifi and am looking forward to it – will let you know how it goes.

How to Build a NetApp ONTAP 9 Lab
You can find good info on how to build out a NetApp lab in this article.  Actually a book available via the article.  I am not so good with NetApp – have not spent enough time with NetApp to get familiar enough.  And I have no desire to do that now.  But I asked someone who is very good with NetApp and they confirmed the guide is spot on.

Which third-party apps work with Siri in iOS 10
Someone I know was wondering about this.  I am a basic user of Siri and know the basic stuff good but I was curious what other apps were integrated.  Then I saw this list.  It is a pretty good list and I was happy to see that Slack is almost supported.  I use Slack a lot and find it very useful.

Why VMware is embracing containers
A very good read on what is going on in the container space with VMware.  I have been wondering about this myself and thinking of looking into it a bit.

What’s the deal with Containers?
A very good article to learn about containers and how important they are.

Veeam Replication – VM Failover
This article is part 4 of working with Veeam Replication and it is about the ability to do – after you have replicated VMs a VM failover.  Good info.  The other parts are useful too!

Getting Started with PowerCLI for Linux (PowerCLI Core)
It still impressed me that Microsoft has put PowerShell on Linux and Mac.  It does not surprise me that VMware is utilizing that to put PowerCLI on other platforms and that is very cool.  Find out how to get it all working on Linux in this article. I need to get it going on my Mac soon and when I do I will use this article to help.

The Desktop Virtualization BPA
Saw this article on this new tool just recently and it sounds interesting.  Not time to try it out, and I don’t know anyone using it but it might be useful.

Enterprise Architecture & Avoiding tunnel vision
This is a very good article as it has a good point, and I too have see this occurring in the wild. So a good point!

DYN Statement on 10/21/16 DDoS attack
Remember last weekend the DDoS attack that impacted a big part of the Internet? Here is the statement from the original impacted organization. Here is more information from the same company.

Camtasia 9 Video Editor finally arrives with new UI, 4K support, and 64 bit support!
You can see an article on this upgrade which was a good reminder for me as I will need to do a video next week.

Total Nightmare: USB-C and Thunderbolt 3
Stephen has an interesting article about the confusion I have just stepped into with my new laptop. Some very good info on something that I did not realize was so confusing. I think that – I hope that – buying the cables from Apple helps keeps things fast and safe. I have heard that may not be true!

Apple Event Thursday 10/27/16
I have seen really a lot of negative stuff about the Apple Event this week.  I know there was not everything that people wanted, but there was some amazing stuff.  The first video about accessibility was impressive.  But, I heard what I wanted: Touch Bar, Touch ID, long battery life, and nice hard disk choices.  So I bought.  But with all of the confusion and comments, I will write up what I learn and how it goes with me.  I have a Thunderbolt monitor, second monitor, external hard drive, and I charge iPads, iPhones, and a Fitbit. Plus I travel a lot.  So we will see how it goes.  It should arrive in approximately three weeks. You can learn more about this event in this article.  I am a little unhappy about something in the event and that was the new TV app is not available in Canada.  I travel a lot and watch a lot of stuff on my Mac and sometimes it is a little hard to track.  So I hope they get the TV app into Canada soon – of course we still don’t have News so not sure what will happen. I really like the Touch Bar, but while everyone seems to think about it as a tool for Emoij, I am thinking that it will be useful for many other things.  I saw how it could be used in mail and Safari.  Very handy I think – once I learn to use it. And I love how 1Password will support it to log into 1Password. But the TouchID is easy – using it to log in is better.  BTW, here is a very good article that really dives into the new MacBook Pro that was announced recently.

Where the Molotov Cocktail got it’s name
I did not play with these amazing things in my youth, but I certainly did in the Army.  I even learned how to make ones that do not need a burning rag to burst into flames.  But I never knew where the name come from.  But, you can learn where in this article!

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


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