Newsletter: October 16, 2016

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I hope that this finds everyone well.  I had some not so bad travel yesterday from St-Petersberg to Barcelona.  I do love Spain and it is very good to be back in Barcelona.  Not sure how much time I have, and how many things to share today, so it will be perhaps a shorter issue.  But we will see.

I spent two weeks working with R&D and it was great.  I really love working with developers.  And if you ever get a chance to visit St-Petersberg you really should.  Wonderful City!!

Incidentally, I found an odd web site, that I think I will keep up on one of my home office spare monitors. Also, Veeam has a cool promotion around most of the world (not all) that will give you free one or two year subscription for Veeam Backup for Office 365 (for existing customers only).  Find out more here.  I see this as a cool product for doing backups that are on your property but also useful for other things like compliance and audit.

Have a great week, and I hope any and all of you in Barcelona for VMworld will say hi!


VMworld 2016 Europe – What to Know Before You Go
A nice article with a range of info about VMworld that is good to know.  The key thing I think is to get your badge early, and use the mobile app.  Plus, another key thing of VMworld, is to talk to people, and ask questions.  Also, answer questions too!

PowerCLI at VMworld Europe 2016
A great collection of PowerCLI learning is available at VMworld.  See this article for the list.

Cool Tool: SDDC Discovery aka bringing back “Maps”
I just saw Duncan’s article on this new fling.  I used to use Maps and quite liked them.  So very good to see this!

Virtual SAN Availability Part 7 – Degraded Disk Handling
Jeff has another great article on VSAN and in this one you not only learn about how degraded disks are handled, but you end up with some great info to make Log Insight (or any syslog server) alerts.  Which may not be necessary if you are using the VSAN Content Pack as it likely comes with alerts.

VMware Cloud on AWS
This is an interesting development and one that I think will turn out to be quite useful. Frank – and yes, Christian, I quite agree that it feels right Frank is back at VMware, has an article and Brian has one here. We have one article from outside of VMware here. I am curious about API support – it has been said you have vC so you have all your management tools.  But what about things like backup apps that use the VADP or VAAI API? And what happens if you hare one of the very nice SolidFire arrays and are very used to high performance?  If you want VMC (another acronym – VMware Cloud on AWS) will you get any options around storage or is it all VSAN? Which is not necessarily bad, but not all storage is the same and customers might have some of their own expectations. I would love to play with VMC and see how it goes.  Then again I would settle on some VxRail gear for my work lab too! BTW, when I was editing things, I found this article.

VVols Interoperability with other vSphere products and features
This is quite a good KB article that talks about the interoperability between VVols and vSphere and is good to be aware of.  I expect it to be updated with each of the upcoming releases of vSphere.  Especially the next one.

Preparing for a vCenter Server Migration using the vSphere 6.0 Update 2m Migration Tool – Part 3
The last part of the blog series on how to migrate from the Windows vC to the VCSA.  Which is a darn good thing as I think that it is quite worth doing!

Deploy appliances via PowerCLI
This is pretty cool – think of the time it takes to do appliance deployments sometimes and yet you can do it via script? Find out more in this article.

Enabling ‘Latency-Sensitivity’ option on VS – Should I do it?
Brian has a good point in his article.  Just because you can – should you?  This setting is important and useful but it is very rarely needed.

Upgrading VMware Update Manager to 5.5 u3E fails
What is one of these newsletters without a reference to an article where something breaks and how to fix it?  Here is one about upgrading to VUM that fails and how to make it work.

Introduction to Workflow Development with VMware vRealize Orchestrator (VRO)
This has been something, that I believe more than a few of us have been waiting for.  PluralSight video training on VRO.  Most excellent!

Blast Extreme Display in Horizon 7
When I am back in my lab I plan on using Blast Extreme protocol for View as that means I only need ports 80 / 443 and not the odd port that PCoIP needs.  And this is handy when I work inside peoples office and want to demo things for them using View.  BTW, a catch is for that to be true you need to use the Access appliance (definitely expect an article from me on making it work!).  If you want to learn more about Blast Extreme check out this paper.

Help Me, to Help You, vSphere DRS rules
Brian wants to help us out, and the best way we can help him to help us is to share some data with him.  He makes it real easy to do that too!  Find out more here.

How VMware Integrated Containers May Introduce Docker to the Enterprise
Interesting article about containers and the enterprise. A different way of looking at things.

Veeam Package for vRealize Automation
This has been updated for some vRA v7 goodness. If anyone is using it, I would love to hear about it.

The Odd Angry Shot – Setting up vCenter alarms
The name of a powerful Vietnam war movie about Australian soldiers is The Odd Angry Shot.  It is also the name of an blog that has an article about how you can generate vCenter alarms.  Not typically what you need – do you really want to see a host down alarm when it is in fact not down?  I could see though this being quite useful when you are setting up processes for support and you want to test them out.

Monitoring changes to vSphere Templates
Iwan has an excellent article on how you can use syslog (Log Insight) to monitor for changes to the outside of a vSphere template.  Not only could you find out who, but you could also use this info to create a rule and alert on it!

Where are they now? Recent changes in the storage space
Cormac has an interesting article about changes in the storage space.  Always interesting!

New Group Policy settings in Windows 10 1067
Quit a list of new policy – very handy I think.  And you never learn this stuff in the expected places!

ReFS: Performance
Someone said they wanted to learn more about ReFS.  Remember, that in Veam 9.5 (GA soonish), one of my favorite features is in fact the support of ReFS but if you really want to learn a lot more about ReFS you should check out this article.  BTW, you need Win2K16’s version of ReFS to exploit the cool stuff in Veeam 9.5 and it dropped very recently.

Duplicate random generated data in Linux based VM
If you need random data and done quicker than normal, you can find out how in this article.

Free ebook – Build your own NetApp ONTAP 9 Lab
Eric alerts us to a new ebook – which I think should be pretty handy for those of you who want to learn more about NetApp, or maybe want a new play space!

Patch those Dell servers easily
This article was very good to see.  I am used to using Dell OpenManage Integration for vCenter to patch my Dell hosts.  But when I don’t have that I build an ISO and do it that way.  Big pain. So it is very good to know that I can just the ISO from Dell!

Thanks for reading, or skimming this far!


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