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I hope everyone is good today and enjoying the weekend? It was a long hard week for me.  Shorter than normal but with more stuff in it.  I need to make some big changes in my lab.  So some big thinking on that is happening and I need someone smarter than me to chat with about it. My NUC has not turned out as useful as I thought, and so I have bought one of these that I think will be more flexible.  We will see – and yes I will share.

I got home from VMworld this week and I sure enjoyed VMworld!  It is always good to catch up with people and visit the solution exchange.  I loving exploring the floor to see what is new and interesting.  I was not able to attend any sessions as I did not have a full pass.  I do in Barcelona so that will be good. I did write up an article on VMworld about the things I found interesting or useful.

I updated my using Veeam Cloud Connect article as I have a new vendor to work with.  They are called OffsiteDataSync and I quite like them. I hope any Veeam users out there that do not use Cloud Connct check out my article.  It is easy to follow and you can easily get your backup’s offsite and that is important.

BTW, at my day job – as a Veeam Evangelist, one of the things we do is interview interesting people and post the video here.  I am starting to do that too and include demos if appropriate.  You should start seeing mine up there soon.

One of my co-workers wrote a good article about new ransomware and how Veeam can protect you.  You do need to watch out for that wicked stuff.

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THWACKCamp event – September 14, 2016
I love the team at SolarWinds, and the products are most excellent too.  If you agree you should check out the THWACK camp as you will definitely learn and be entertained too.  I will be watching.

Remove Unnecessary Hardware Devices From your virtual machines
In this article the author talks about the importance of removing unnecessary hardware from your virtual machines.  I quite agree, and I have encouraged that in my Win7 and Win2K12 template articles.  If I ever get a chance to figure out the issue with my Win10 templates it will be there too!

Is that supported by VMware? (A breakdown of common misconceptions)
John has a most excellent article that will help explain some of the misconceptions that our industry sort of fosters.  Good info for partners to know as I expect they will have to deal with some of this for their customers. Also good to know for customers to help out their partners!

ESXi Host Client v1.8.1
The Host Client is now in the GA bits, but if you were to do the Help \ Check for updates in the EHC you would get 1.8.1.  And that is important as it supports opening a SSH connection with the host – using a right click.  Very handy indeed.  If you have a lot of hosts you may want to do this with VUM.

Few #migrate2vcsa VMworld sessions & HOL worth checking out
William has an article here about migrating to VCSA but also some great links to interesting VCSA sessions too. I do quite like the sticker, and I have one on my current laptop but have one saved for my new laptop which I hope to get in October.  Certainly one of the nicest stickers around.

Virtual machines names appears as ds://vmfs/….
An interesting article in the VMware KB about a somewhat concerning issue.  I hope to not see it.  However, I have in fact seen the symptoms before.  So a good article to be aware of!

Adding ESXi Host Thumbprint to vCenter Certificate Store
If you are going to use the vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) you might need to deal with certificates and you can find out more here.

vSphere 6.0 U2 Storage Performance with 32 Gb Fibre Channel
This article – with links to a TWP – is interesting in that vSphere 6 U2 can achieve near line rate with 32 Gb FC. Wow.

SPBM integration with vRealize Automation
This is quite a big deal I think – you can now use vRealize Automation and as part of a job select the appropriate SPBM policy!  You can see a demo and more info in this article from Duncan.

The Host Virtual MAC Address Riddle
An interesting read on why pNICs have a virtual MAC along with the physical one.

Cannot connect to vCenter Server via vSphere Client – timeout issue
The author of this article had this issue, but so have I way in the past when connecting to a vC via a long distance connection.  With the C# client not being continued – past I think 6.5 this may be info you don’t need anymore!

vRealize Operations 6.3 is now GA!
You can find out more about vROps v6.3 in this article.  I love the look / power of the new home dashboard. Pubs, and downloads are here, and release notes.  Here is an article with more on what is new in 6.3.

vROps / Log Insight Integration and Troubleshooting
Rob had some excitement getting something working that is normally fairly easy and simple.  Glad he wrote it all down for us though as if one person experiences it my experience is that many others will to!  I do like very much the Launch in Context feature!

Horizon View 7.0.2 is NOT GA
I saw this article, and this one too by Sean about 7.0.2 but it is not out yet.  But sounds interesting, and even a Raspberry PI client?  I guess this was due to announcements at VMworld that I missed and that will likely be released soon.

Updated Windows Operating System Optimization Tool Guide
Good to know the doc is updated that goes with the tool.  Find out more here.  This is in fact a most important and useful tool for optimizing desktop VMs.

Horizon 7.0 Part 10 – building your Desktop Golden Images
You can find Sean’s article on building your golden images, as part of his series on getting Horizon View 7.0 working.  You can find more of this series through this link.

PCoIP and Blast Extreme
I know someone was asking about this.  Is PCoIP and Blast Extreme feature parity or should one or the other be used. Find out more in this article.  Pretty cool, and there are some interesting thin (or zero) clients that support Blast Extreme now too.

PowerCLI Stops working after NSX 6.2.4 upgrade
This is an interesting issue and solution.  I bet it took a bit to solve!

vCheck is now at 6.23
This very handy PowerCLI script has been updated again.  Find it here. A great tool! You can find some help making it work in this article.

vRealize Network Insight – The Power it brings
I have heard some good things about VRNI but have not seen much in print.  Here is one article about it.

NSX and vRealize Automation Micro-Segmentation Tech Guide
You can find it here.  It will help you to configure a granular security policy in NSX using vRA.

Virtual SAN Availability
Jeff has a series of articles starting on understanding more about VSAN – particularly around availability. You can find part 1, and part 2 so far. Great way to learn more, excellent info.

Using HCIBench like a Pro – Part 1
I had forgotten about this tool, until I saw a tweet the other day from Chris about it.  Here is an article to help you get started with this benchmark tool. The article I linked to has some other articles linked to it as well that are quite useful.  If you want to test the performance of HCI this is the tool to use!

Why Primary Deduplication is a Different Animal from Backup Dedupe
Howard has a very good article about how primary storage dedupe is very different than backup appliance dedupe.  Very good reading!

NetApp NFS volumes and Veeam – configuration best practices to get you started
Stefan has an article about some important config best practices if you are using Veeam and NetApp.  I would suggest that to this short list I would add to make sure your Backup server has actual access to the storage network so that you can use Direct NFS in your backups.

Introduction to OnDemand Sandbox from Storage Snapshots
Veeam Virtual Labs, and SureBackup jobs are quite important and not often used.  With storage snapshots they are even better and here is an article to help understand why and here is an article make them work!

VeeamHub and learning GitHub
Veeam has it’s own GitHub now which you can find here.  It is the place to find scripts that help you with Veeam products.  I am going to start contributing to it one day in the not so distant future.  And if you want to learn more about GitHub – which I do – you can start right here.

Backup repositories: VMware backup best practices
You can find in this article a variety of information to help in your Veeam environment.  Remember best practices don’t mean it works for every customer.  They are things to think about and use what makes sense for you.

Need some free pictures?
If you need some pictures, and don’t want to pay to use, check out this site.

12 science fiction authors on how Star Trek influenced their lives
My wife and I talked this morning at breakfast about how Star Trek influenced technology by encouraging and giving ideas to smart people – and the incredible thing that happened when they acted on those ideas!.  Than I saw this article on how Star Trek influenced science fiction authors.

Apple Dates that are good to know!
On 9 September you could order your Watch or iPhone.  I did get my iPhone 7 ordered but the Watch had a 2 – 3 delivery (and right now it is 3 – 5 weeks) and by than I would be off in the world somewhere so will need to order it later.  If you did order a Watch or iPhone they will be shipped on the 16th if you are lucky.  On the 13th of September iOS 10 and iOS iWork will be released and on the 20th of September you will find macOS and macOS iWork available.  Not sure when tvOS or watchOS will be out but I think soon.  I have used all of the public macOS and iOS beta and am very impressed at the quality.  I will not hesitate to upgrade either when they are available. Find out more about iOS 10 from Apple or iMore. Find out more about macOS Sierra at Apple, or iMore. Find out more about watchOS at Apple or iMore.

Why did I buy an iPhone7, and try to buy a Watch?
I wanted the iPhone due to improvements in the camera, and that it was water resistant, along with the improved battery life. Not that I have performance or battery complaints I like how the battery lasts longer and the performance is improved. As for the watch it is now waterproof and has a GPS built in – and the serious performance increase is good too.  So that was an easy choice.  The improvements in watchOS are serious too – I love how it is much faster (even on first gen Watch), and how the side button has changed to something much more useful.  While I did not get to buy a new Watch, yet, I will. Here is an article about upgrading to the iPhone 7 or not upgrading.

Apple’s new AirPod wireless earphones….
I have heard lots of negative comments on these things – especially by people that have not touched them.  But here is an article by someone who has actually tested them and has been impressed. Find out more about them from Apple. I do appreciate the double tab on them that activates Siri.

Office 2016 Mac update August 22, 2016
I saw this update recently and the thing that caught my attention is that the apps were becoming 64-bit.  Nice. I updated several Macs with no issue.

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