My VMworld US 2016 Summary

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I have a bunch of things to share around VMworld US 2016. It was a pretty good event, and I was happy to meet many of you too!  But here is some things I picked up I think worth sharing.

Should I mention how much I liked the food at this event, and the venue?  I certainly did and I am happy that VMworld will be in Vegas for at least three years.  I also think the Cohesity swag was the best – a very nice laptop bag with battery, cables and the bag was a very interesting design.

Some of the key things I thought important were things like encryption for the VMs, and actionable event messages with Log Insight, and the cross – cloud vMotion was darn cool too! I was also very excited that one day I could do PowerCLI on my Mac! In addition, I love the idea of HCI as a Software Offering which is what the VMware Cloud Foundation is.

All VMworld sessions are now available
This was great to hear just log in and – you can get access to all the sessions. Basically log into the VMworld site and find what you are interested in, and you will find the video in the session details.  Some are video and some are slides and audio I think.  Some of the ones that I am watching or about to watch include: INF8260 – Automated deployment / config of VCSA, INF8036 – enforcing a cluster design with PowerCLI, STO7848 – VSAN storage efficiency, STO9054 – VVol and SPBM – is it all true?, INF8858 – vSphere Identity: Multifactor Authentication Deep Dive, INF8845 – Tech Preview of Actionable Logging, INF8856 – vSphere Encryption Deep Dive. I am am interesting in SDDC9461-SPO which is all about the next version of Veeam – which is version 9.5. Update – turns out you do not need be a VMworld attendee to see the sessions.  They are open to the public!  You need to register here and you will than have access! In addition, William has got the actual URL’s too if you want, find out more here.

VMworld 2016 Video Roundup
The general sessions, and some other interesting videos can be found here.

Duncan’s session slide decks
You can find Duncan’s INF8036 – enforcing vSphere Cluster Design with PowerCLI here.  Another session he did – STO7650 – Software Defined Storage at VMware Primer can be found here.

Few #migrate2vcsa VMworld Sessions & HOL worth checking out
William has some great links and info around the migration tool and the VCSA in this article.

An Industry Roadmap: From storage to data management #STO7903 by @xtosk
Duncan has an article about a very interesting session by Christos Karamanolis.

VMware – VMworld 2016 – CTO7516 – Ask the Experts – Titans of Tech
An interesting session that is all about ask the experts!

Ask the vCSA Experts panel
You can see this session in a video that has some good q’s and a’s.

Some highlights from VMworld 2016
Cormac has an article about some of the companies he met and chatted with – which includes Infino, Cohesity, and Rubrik.

vSphere 6.5 to be announced at VMworld Barcelona?
I saw this article that says yes. Will be interesting as I am quite looking forward to this release.

vBrownBag Tech Talks
You can find all of the tech talks in this YouTube playlist.

VMworld sessions on VMworld TV
You can find the list here.

All VMworld HOL are now publicly available
Find them here!

Other peoples thoughts

  • Eric Siebert has a good article on the event. Here is where he talks about how long VMworld will be in Vegas and I believe he is correct – total of three years.
  • Greg Robertson has his thoughts here with some interesting numbers and facts.
  • Here is Duncan’s article on the keynotes.
  • You can find an excellent collection of links in this article.
  • A SearchVirtualization article that talks about VMware brings the steak – without the sizzle. It talks about the Cloud Foundation. But if you want to learn more about the VMware Cloud Foundation that what the reporter has to say check this out.
  • Anthony has some thoughts on the Cross Cloud Platform.
  • Chad has some thoughts on VMware Cloud Foundation.
  • Chris had some good thoughts on Thursday.
  • VMworld US 2016 – Day 1 Buzz – a very good article that covers off day 1 very well.
  • VMworld 2016: Extreme Performance: DRS – some interesting points from Derek.
  • VMworld 2016: Virtual Volumes Deep Dive – again some interesting points from Derek.

Thanks for checking out this article, I am sure I missed some good stuff so don’t hesitate to let me know!


  • 9/8/16 – updated with the info on public access for the VMworld 2016 sessions.


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  1. Bummed I missed it this year but YEAH the sessions are already available! Thanks for letting us know and the summary.

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