Veeam and Business Continuity – things are changing!

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In my day job I am an Evangelist – actually think Technical Marketing when you hear that – for one Veeam product – Veeam Availability Orchestrator.  And I am very excited about that as I think it can really help our customers with Business Continuity. In our big event I have a session – you can link to the list of webinars here and scroll down to the ON-Demand Breakout Sessions section and look for Veeam Availability Orchestrator – I just realized they gated those sessions.  I apologize for that.  This session is more about education and preparing for Business Continuity (BC) work rather than the product – I may be biased but I think it has very good info to help you be ready for BC work. The product is shipping in early 2017 but will be in beta sometime in September.

Veeam often talks about Disaster Recover (DR) and rightfully so.  While backup can recover files, it is more about recovering an application. However, as Veeam moves into enterprises, Exchange, for example goes from one or two virtual machines to more.  Numerous companies I know have 10 or 20 Exchange virtual machines that is working as one email server.  So doing DR on that – which one to turn on first or last is a bit harder.  Plus when you add in the DNS / DC’s you need to make sure are on first certainly makes things harder.  DR is pretty tough here.

This is where VAO comes in.  It has the tools to make sure that DC’s and DNS starts first, and then it follows the right order for Exchange, or whatever.  It is truly orchestration software.  I like how it can do automated testing frequently.  This is important but not a replacement for manual testing. Automated testing can make sure VMware heartbeats are seen, ping tests work, and script testing can make sure Exchange, or SQL or whatever is running. Automated testing can happen quite frequently but you also need to do occasional testing where you actually create a PO, or send an email or whatever that is more of an end to end test.  So the automated tests help a lot, but the fact they can pause when finished to let you log in and do what you need to do is very handy!  The automated reports on what has happened are very useful, and they are easy to update the template too. You might imagine signing one that represents a successful test and pass it to your boss!

VAO will in fact allow Veeam to say we do Business Continuity.  We can ensure that a collection of services is running after an event.  It is not for you to figure out which machines need to be powered up, and in what order, and is there enough resources, VAO will manage that.  VAO will help you test it even!

VAO is a very important and useful too.  But, it will need your knowledge about your applications to really be successful.

So Veeam is growing, and I am very much looking forward to helping you to learn all about it!


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