Failed to grant permissions on the following vCenter Server

Hi there,

I had uninstalled and removed Support Assistant from my lab, and when bringing it back hit a snag.  This occurred when installing During the config I got this odd permissions error.


When I investigated, I found the following error in Recent Tasks in vCenter.


So this permissions error is more about something exists that should not. This event message is not too helpful but here is what you need to do.

Select your vCenter, and change to Manage, followed by Alarm Definitions.


When in Alarm Definitions use the filter window to filter on vCenter Support, as you see above.

You will find one alarm definition – as seen above – and you need to use the red X to delete it.  Once that is done you will be able to successfully configure Support Assistant.

Two good article are this one about learning more about Support Assistant and this one about updating it.  This is a very useful tool and I suggest everyone should have it!


=== END ===

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