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Very happy to be writing this.  It means the week is over and it was a tough week.  I am not sure when I will finish this.  I have – shortly – a full day of hiking, and Sunday I head to our dev center in St-Petersberg in Russia – which I am quite looking forward to.

I did an article on setting up a NUC as I have one in the lab now.  I added network ports to it using two dual port dongles that maybe I should not have used.  It took a bit to make them work but they are working now so that is good.  I have single port dongles on the way and I will update my article on using them.  But other then the shortage of ports, the NUC is a pretty cool device!  I know a number of you were waiting this week for an updated content pack for Log Insight.  I hit some hurdles with it, but also time issues so it will take a bit longer.  Sorry about that.  Also no time for my Win10 template article but that too I really want to make work.

I had another backup issue in my lab.  Same as this one.  This issue is one that would trip up any backup vendor. In fact, you could not manually trigger a snapshot.  Not sure what makes this happen but it is the second time!  This time the HTML5 thumbnail of the console was broken.  Not sure how that is connected.  This time the solution was a cold boot. I updated the article in case it helps someone else.

BTW, I updated my article about configuring the ESXi Dump Collector.  Turns out I missed something so added it, and tested it on 6.0 U2 to confirm it still works.  And it does.

But, lots to share, and I need to get started!

Have a great week!


Update Manager plug-in does not appear in the vSphere Web Client
An interesting KB article about a somewhat uncommon issue that I think might be good to know.  I think it might apply to other similar situations!

VMware Validated Design for Software-Defined Data Center 2.0 Poster
There is a very nice SDDC poster in this article. It also has a comment about how you can get a technical deep dive on SDDC 2.0 with the author and engineering at VMworld which sounds interesting!

Installing VMware ESXi 6.0 Using PXE
Here is a technical note on how to boot ESXi 6.0 using PXE.  It works, and works well, but it is a little different to implement.  So the TWP for help.

Automatic VMFS Expansion with vCenter SNMP and vRealize Orchestrator
Cody has an excellent article about how you can automatically expand your VMFS formatted disk (on Pure arrays).  This uses SNMP alerts from vSphere to trigger vRO workflows to grow things.  So not only a how – to but also some great background info. Have things happen automatically is pretty useful.

How To: Customize the vSphere Login UI 6.0 U2 whenever you want
A nice article with good details on changing your vCenter login screen. Makes it look pretty easy! And yes, I am working on a nice Veeam one.

Oh you can do that?  vSphere Platform Services Controller (PSC) topology and OmniGraffle
A very cool article that will allow you to edit your PSC topology diagram in OmniGraffle after it is exported from your PSC.

vCSA 6.0 tricks: shell access, password expiration, and certificate warnings
An old but still useful article.  I heard people talking about things that were solved by this article.  So I thought I would share it out again.

Script to add vSphere 6 VMCA Root Certificate to Trusted Certs Store
If you have a few admin machines that you need to add the vC cert to, and you don’t want to do it in AD than this script will help.

Be Graceful with your VMs
Here is a short article that has a handy script that will turn off all your VMs, or it could do just a subset.  Something handy to have!

New PowerCLI Based Training Course
You can see the announcement here, but the fact is that this five day course is PowerCLI and vRealize Orchestrator.  That would be something to take!  Sounds like a good course.

VMware vCenter Support Assistant 6.0.2 now GA
Today VMware dropped a new release of the Support Assistant.  I am a big fan of this software.  Find the release notes and the bits. Every VMware customer should have this installed and use it when they need help. And make sure it proactively sends in logs to be check of known issues.  Find out more in this article.

vROps Backup done right
This is something I talked a lot about with the vROps guys.  I am glad to see the story is a little better now!  Check out the details here.  They are not all what you might think.  Good to know so thanks very much for the article!!

vRealize Log Insight Calculator
Steve updated the calculator some time ago and I just noticed.  Find it here.  It is quite useful to size your Log Insight instance appropriately.

Viewing Veeam Real-Time Statistics
Here is some good info on understanding the real-time statistics of backup jobs inside Veeam.

Load balancing services with AWS Route53 DNS health checks
Luca has a very interesting article about how he uses DNS round robin to ‘load balance’ his Veeam Cloud Connect.  I suspect this would work dandy for other things – like VMware View for example! Very nice article Luca!

Introduction to Turnkey Linux Appliances with No Pain
This is quite interesting.  I did not know there was such a collection of Linux appliances.  Very handy and useful I believe!

Playing around with Tintri Global Center and Tintri storage systems
I am a very big fan of Tintri.  Have been for a long time. Their UI does an amazing job – it is easy and smooth, and of particular interest is how well it shows IO.  Duncan spends some time playing in their lab and has this article to share.

My top 15 VMworld sessions for 2016
Duncan has a great list of sessions in his article.  I quite agree if I could sign up for them I would. I know many of the speakers and they are very good indeed.  Technical content will be deep and pretty darn good speakers too! Last year was my first VMworld in a bunch of years I could actually attend sessions.  It was much better than what I normally do – watch the video or listen to the audio.  I hope Veeam will support me in attending sessions one day!

Configuring Oracle Grid 12c with GNS – Don’t Use .Local DNS
Michael shares an article that talks of a failed Oracle install due to a bad domain name – one using .local.  I have seen this before – in fact it was a previous version of Zimbra could not be installed with a domain of .local.  Since that I have not used .local as a part of a domain.  Good to know that this issue is still possible and with Oracle Grid.

Setup and Use of the Cisco UCS Platform Emulator
This article will help you get started with UCS.  I like UCS and at times don’t like it, but it is powerful and useful stuff.  But it is very good to have a tool to play in to help your skills.

Pokemon Go parents guide: What you and your child need to know
I suspect there is a few of you with kids where they are out chasing monsters – right?  You need to read this article in case it helps you out!

Apple Music will now let you store your Music Library DRM-free
I have paid for something called iTunes Match for some time.  It at first moved all of my music – that is the music from my CD’s that I had ripped over the years – to the Apple music cloud. Then second it made sure that all my music was on my other devices.  So I kept it for reason 2.  Made sure my two macs and iPad always had all the music I bought without my having to move it around.  It turns out that the feature set of iTunes Match is being rolled out to all Apple Music subscribers.  That is good news!  Find out all the details here.  My wife and I are subscribers of Apple Music and ae very happy happy with it. We also like Sonos a lot and are happy it is integrated with Apple Music.  My wife never paid for iTunes Match but now she will have that functionality so that is good!

iOS  9.3.3, El Capitan 10.11.6, watchOS 2.2.2, tvOS 9.21
All these small updates dropped lately, and all the updates in each area I did worked fine.  These are mostly security updates. Find out more here.

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  1. Sometimes restarting the VMware tools on the ESXi host the VM is on will fix the issue where you cannot manually trigger a snapshot.

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