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I hope that everyone is enjoying the weekend? Friday was the start of the Calgary Stampede and that is always quite exciting.  For two weeks, there is rodeos, carnival, parties, and entertainment everywhere.  Nearly everyone wears jeans and really a lot of buildings / bars / restaurants will dress themselves up for the festivities. I love the chuck-wagons and the grandstand show. It is an exciting and busy time for Calgary and I love introducing visitors to it!  This year in the Friday parade – which I missed – there is supposed to be a 10 wagon / 39 horse rig that should be pretty interesting to see.  Later on they are going to add horses to pass 54 which is the world record. My wife – Angela – did see some of the parade.  She mentioned the most exciting for the crowd (determined by the noise they made) was a tank popping wheelies.  She took a video so I know it was a British Scorpion tank (from Suffield) which actually can pop wheelies.  I heard in the news there was a Canadian Leopard 2A4M tank as well.  I hate to see what the road is like after these two tanks fooling around!

This week I had a number of articles – one about restoring AD objects which I really like, and how to avoid extra clicks accessing vC using a Mac (or a PC) and both are useful articles. I did not get my Veeam Log Insight CP done yet, but hopefully soon.  I have quite a number of things pulling at my time!

While writing this two CF-18’s flew over the house.  Great sound – and I had not heard it for a long while.  I grew up on Air Force bases around the world so this noise means a lot too me.  And yes, I did join the Army (Airborne Infantry) so no idea what happened.

As always, I have a range of things to share, and I hope that everyone finds something – at least one or two somethings – interesting.

Have a great week!


Ping from specific VMkernel adapter in vSphere 6
I guess I have not done a ping -I for a while.  But I have used it to ping from a specific adapter when on the ESXi console quite a lot when I was working in specific areas at VMware.  I always thought it quite useful.  But, it does not always work like you might expect in vSphere 6.  Find out more in this article.  Very good to know!

SRM – Array Based Replication vs. vSphere Replication
A nice article that GS has done comparing ABR and VR as they pertain to SRM.  Good info to help you make the decision about which you might use.  Or, more likely, how to use both of them together for the best protection.

Assigning a Storage Policy to Multiple VMs with PowerCLI
Jeff has an excellent article here to help you bulk change the Storage Policy you have assigned to virtual machines.  Very handy and useful!

Quick tip – How to quickly find the VM Display Name of your vCenter Server?
So happy I do not have this problem!  But if you do, William has the answer!

Increasing VMFS Capacity with vRealize Orchestrator
A very nice example of the power of vRO and what it can do for you.  Nice work Cody!

PowerActions upgraded!
This is an important update (v1.5) for PowerActions.  It is now compatible with the current version of PowerCLI for example.  I will update my PowerActions article soonest.  Wait.  It looks like the same version is there now – 1.5 – as the previous version, and it appears that that it is NOT compatible with current version of PowerCLI 6.3 yet but still only 6.0.  So a little confusing.  If I learn more I will update you but I suspect it is not worth upgrading if you have a functioning PowerActions – like I do.

vSphere HTML5 Web Client
This wonderful fling has been updated fairly frequently and I do think it is quite worth updating as it is easy and they keep adding useful features.  Find out more here.

Zero to VDI in Just 7 Weeks with VMware Horizon and VCE VxRail
Normally I would ignore this article as it appears to be pure marketing. But a friend shared it out so I thought I should check it out.  In seven weeks from the signature of a PO they not only had VXRail, and Horizon, but also App Volumes, Instant Clone, and User Environment Manager working, and if that was not enough also NSX. So while a simple marketing article it is interesting what was assembled.  I think it would be a good TWP to actually put some detail in what was done as it is pretty impressive and that info would be useful to others I suspect.

Configuring VMware Identity Manager and VMware Horizon 7 Cloud Pod Architecture
I think the VMware Identity Manager (VIM) is a pretty useful tool, and so I think learning how to use it in the View Cloud Pod architecture is handy.  Find out more in this article.

vRealize Automation 7 – Custom request form using XaaS
An article with a nice change that I suspect others will appreciate.  A custom form in the past was a little hard.  Looks better now!

vRA 7: Event broker condition based on user-defined custom properties
The event broker is an important part of vRA and you can learn more about working with it in this article.

VMware vROps – EPOps Multi-vCenter Monitoring Dashboard
An interesting article about using the EPO agent and multiple vCenters in your dashboards.

Remove  “All vCenter Server” option from vROps Authentication Source
I have heard customers make comments about the All vCenter Servers option in the drop-down when logging into vROps.  So it is good to see here that you can remove it.

Sample dashboards to monitor NSX Load Balancers
I know some of you like and use NSX – if only in your lab, and if you want improved dashboards check this out.

Leveraging the Guest Script Manager package
It is very handy to be able to execute scripts inside virtual machines.  Learn more about how to do that using vRO.

VMworld 2016 US – all parties, gatherings, events and activities
This article has the start of the list of what is happening at VMworld.  Good info to share as it has the registration info if necessary.

Top 10 Sessions of VMworld 2015
You can see some of the top VMworld sessions – not sure how they were selected – from 2015.  Some very good sessions actually.

Fast Backup of vSphere templates with Veeam
Some good info on the backup of templates using Veeam, which is not quite what you expect.

Infinio Accelerator 3,0 – now supercharged with VAIO
Eric has an excellent article on a new version of the Infinio product.  Good explanation too of VAIO which is pretty cool stuff.

NUMA Deep Dive series
Frank is doing an outstanding job on this series on NUMA but I must admit I need to read his articles once or three times to really get it. Very interesting stuff.  Find part 1 and part 2 so far.

Just Released!! Cloud Management for Dummies
Jad has his first book out.  And it is quite interesting, and a very easy read.  Find out more here.  I would have paid for this Jad!!

Windows Server 2016 Active Directory Installation Guide
Just in case you need a little help installing Win2K16, in vSphere of course.

Microsoft follows Office 365 licensing model with new “Secure Productive Enterprise” Windows 10 Bundles
Lovely.  Some new name changes – find it all here – Mary Jo always knows what is going on!

Learn to use command line, Vim and Git with our new guide
I do like the Puppet software.  They can help you learn more about Vim and Git which is good to know!

NAKIVO Backup & Replication 6 Review
A nice review and introduction of this new to me backup solution.  It has some very interesting features – such as appliance version, error messages have KB article referenced, snapshot backup verified automatically, and it can be installed directly on Synology or Western Digital NAS equipment.

VMware Horizon View deployment? Here is everything you need to know about Nutanix vs. Other SDS
Andre has the goods on making View work on Nutanix. Quite amazing actually as it really seems like Nutanix has a lot to offer View.  If you are thinking about doing View on Nutanix, or even thinking about Nutanix, this is a very interesting article!

Everything we know about the bomb robot used by Dallas Police
An interesting article about the robot, and how the police used it to deliver a bomb to the bad guys, and then blow them up.  Interesting.  Remember that lethal force was appropriate in this case, and whether that means the Police use a knife, gun, or even a bomb it is still lethal force and legit.

Keep your iCloud account secure with two-factor authentication
I turned on recently two – factor authentication (2FA) with iCloud and am very glad I did.  But, it did surprise me a little when I had to do it with my Apple TV.  Once you enable it, it will prompt you for the 2FA on each new device.  I select both my iPhone and my iPad as possible targets for the code just in case.  But this is excellent security for your iCloud account – which if like me you use for a variety of things including App Store and iTunes purchases.  Once you have been prompted for it on your exiting devices it is completely background and no hassle until you have a new device.  Or someone tries to do something to your account. See this for help to turn it on if you don’t have it.

The Widespread Risk of Insider Threats
This is an interesting info-graphic on insider threats.  Quite well done – thanks to Anton for sharing it.

Mac Malware Opens OS X backdoor to Attackers
The EasyDoc converter freeware is a very dangerous trojan.  And it targets Macs.  So make sure you have protection and read this for more info.  BTW, I use Trend Micro Internet Security for Mac and I depend on it and it has not disappointed me. Here is another article about malware that targets Macs.

PSA – Don’t use public USB based recharging points to charge your devices
There is one particular issue with this called Juice Jacking and while some might say it is more theoretical rather then practical I disagree. Carry a battery, and use it to recharge.  And if you need to charge that battery from the public charge station OK.  The issue is that both data and power travel the USB based charging for mobile phones.  That means that it is possible for mischief to occur when you plug your phone into a public charging station! However a battery doesn’t have your information on it, and it is very hard indeed to inject software into a battery.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


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