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I spent this week in an on-boarding class in Atlanta and it was quite interesting.  Unlike my past at VMware where there was both a Sales and a Technical on-boarding this was different in that it was for everyone.  So it had an interesting collection of people that that made it even more dynamic and fun.  Hopefully in the next while you will start seeing some Veeam related blogs.  I have an interesting one I am working on that is going to be out soon.  Last week was Atlanta and this week will be Columbus – which I have always loved – especially those great people out in New Albany I spent a bunch of time with.

I created only one article recently, which was about using anti – affinity rules in VMware, and it was certainly useful for me! While I used Active Directory DC’s as the example it could really be anything. I also updated my vSphere Best Practices (and linked stuff).

Interested in helping out in the very soon to be released vSphere Beta?  If so check this out.  This is quite important and so if you can help that would be appreciated.

So, as always, I have lots to share, so lets get started!


Dell R730 / Perc controllers now certified for VSAN
Some time ago I reported an issue with the R730’s with Perc controllers which caused them to be not certified – in fact an issue of some sort – and yet now it is fixed and the hosts are back on the HCL.  See this article for more info.

VMware Hyper-Converged Software: The Ultimate HCI Tactical Solution for the Public Sector
Rawlinson has an interesting article about a VSAN solution that is specifically designed for difficult spaces like ships and airplanes.  I built a small datacenter once for a ship and we sure could have used gear like this!

Expanding on VSAN 2-node, 3-node and 4-node configuration guidelines
Some very good info from Cormac in this article.  Duncan said some time ago that 4-node was his personal minimum and while I agreed with him at that time, Cormac does have more info around this area.  Good stuff to know.

Replacing default certificates in vSphere 6 – Part 1
We have the start of a series that will step you through changing the default certs in vSphere 6. Good news it will be a Microsoft cert that is used and the bad news is the article will not show you how to set up the MS part.

Installing a VMware ESX 6.0 Hypervisor in Hyper-V
It makes perfect sense to me that there would be info on the internet to help Hyper-V people get ESXi working in a Hyper-V VM.  ESXi guys do it so why not Hyper-V guys?  Here is the info on how.

ESXCLI Updates in PowerCLI 6.3 R1
Cody has done an excellent job working through some important changes in PowerCLI 6.3 and so if you do much with PowerCLI, particularly with ESXCLI you need to check it out.

How HA handles a VSAN Stretched Cluster Site Partition
Duncan has some great questions / answers for cluster site issues.  The questions (and answers) are also in the excellent book.

VMware NSX 6.2 Beginners Guide – from Zero to Full Deployment for labs
This is a nice guide to get you going on something important, and complicated!  This is one of the big pushes that VMware has, and while I suspect many of the SMB will not look at it too quick, there are enterprises that will. And I should hope every single cloud provider in the VMware world will be checking it out too!

Log Insight for vCenter Server facts
Steve has an article that answers some basic questions about the version of Log Insight for vCenter that is free.  These are basic and common sense questions which I can tell by the tone that Steve has been asked many times.  A sharp reminder that common sense is the least common sense, and yes, Darwin has retired as well.

Log Insight virtual appliance becomes unresponsive during quiesced snapshots
My first comment when I saw this article was about the fact someone was doing quiesced snapshots.  That was a little surprising, in fact backing up the appliance was surprising actually.  But make sure that this article applied to you before using the info in it.  Check carefully.  I guess I should explain my comment.  In small environments you can do a backup of Log Insight but often it gets to big to do a good backup of it easily.  Some customers I know use the forwarding to do a backup as it is more flexible.  I know others that do not do backups of it at due to the nature of their use – such as troubleshooting.

Log Insight Module
Luc has an excellent article about using PowerShell to query Log Insight.  Nice!

8 Most popular VMware EUC Product diagrams & Charts, according to social media
A nice collection of EUC diagrams, and I find some of them quite useful.

Top Horizon 7 Insights and IT Best Practices from our Pros
A nice collection of links for info on Horizon 7 in this article. It is interesting something that you can install in an hour or two, and have it working great from inside or outside your home lab can grow to be the same quality tool for multiple 10’s of thousands of users.

Configuring HP OneView Adapter with vRealize Operations Manager
If you want to make the HP OneView adapter work with vROps you might have some issues, but this article will help you be successful.  It also has some good adapter troubleshooting info too.

Troubleshooting with vROps part 1: vROps Capability
Here is the first article in the series – currently with four parts that will help you learn about troubleshooting with vROps.  Good info since it is a little hard to be really good at using vROps.

vRealize Operations 6.2.1 now GA
This dropped a few days ago.  As you have heard I get only NFR bits, and so patching is not always something I can test for you.  And that will not change for a bit at Veeam, until I can change things, and get things done.  The 6.2.1 release notes shows it is a maintenance release but no detail on what is new but a fair list of what is resolved. Bits are here.

vRealize Automation 7 converged blueprints
This is a nice intro to the idea of converged blueprints which is an important part of v7 in vRA.

Free eBooks from Microsoft Press
A collection of 36 eBooks from MS Press on a wide range of technical topics.  Want to learn how to automate the distribution of Win10 with SCOM?  You can get a free eBook on that subject.

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Pivotal and VMware
An interesting article about a new partnership that may move this market along – but we will see!

What to do when a path to an NFS Datastore goes down?
This is a very nice script.  Not only does it do something cool – move VMs from one datastore to another, and update VMware Tools if necessary, but it has good structure and components.  Very nicely done and yes, it is in my library now.

Running free VeeamZip directly from the vSphere Web Client
This is pretty cool – it is one of the reasons that I am adding Enterprise Manager, and ONE into my lab this weekend – I hope this weekend that is.

Why Accurate IO Block Size Frequency and Workload Distribution Metrics are so valuable
Frank has another very good article that I think most of us should read. I know Frank, and while I know little about the Architect product, I do know FVP, and I think Frank has got some very good stuff to share.  I do very much like FVP and I wish I had been able to get Architect going too when I had the chance.

Evaluate PernixData FVP with replayed Production IO Traces
Some good info on how to do some pretty good testing and understanding of application workloads.  Good process info too.

Deploying and Configuring Windows Nano Server 2016 TP4
I have shared other articles on this, but I quite like this one.  I think that a lot of labs out there – VMware ones that is, will be using Nano when it is out.  Good to learn now I guess. Now I think about it there will be MS labs using it to – smaller footprint not only makes it easier to manage, but easier to run in labs with less then normal resources!

Rubrik announces R528 Cloud Appliance and Sexy new features
I guess that Rubrik is now my competitor, but I do have to say once again that they look pretty darn good and I am impressed with them.  This new appliance is pretty good too. I would love a demo one day, but now I am at Veeam that may be a little awkward (not for me though).

iPad Pro Charges Faster with MacBook Adapter and new cable
It is completely possible to decreased your charge time on your iPad Pro by almost half.  Find out how in this article.

How iMessage distributes security to block “phantom devices”
An interesting article about the security that is in Apple Messages.  Some pretty good thinking on Apple’s part.

How to add frequently used address to Maps for iPhone and iPad
If you use Maps on your iPhone or iPad a lot, it might be useful to find frequently used addresses on the actual map.  Might be easier to find things.  If you think this might be useful here is the info.

How to lose your airline status!
For many years I have been flying with status.  This means they take better care of me, such as upgrading me or finding new flights when issues happen. This all stopped at the beginning of this trip.  Instead of boarding group 2 it was 5, and I could not get into the airline lounge – but they did let me in anyway which was nice.  This means I have to stand in line a lot more which sucks.  But why is most interesting. My main airline and the one I am a member of its frequent flyer program is Air Canada. But I fly mostly on United.  It turns out last year I fly mostly on Star Alliance airlines (United) – so normally this means I get status and all is good.  But it turns out that this past year I did that more then 50% of my flying time which means I lose status.  Still have all the points but no status. This very fine print is new but how new no one will tell me.  I now have to start over again to get status.  Which really sucks, and you can bet I am not doing that on Air Canada.  I share this painful story so you don’t have to experience it. United, here I am!

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