Moving from old iPad to a new iPad

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I got a new iPad going today, to replace my old one.  I thought since it is a little different process I would detail it for people.

  1. Use iTunes, and do an encrypted backup of the old iPad.  Once done set it aside.
  2. Turn on the new iPad and get it to the point where you can connect it to iTunes.  Skip the network stuff to make it quicker and easier.  Interesting to see you could pull in Android info.  Once the restore is done your network will be connected and working.
  3. When given the option select restore from a backup, and select the backup you just did.
  4. Once the restore is done your iPad will appear to be missing a lot of apps.  That is OK and will be fixed shortly.
  5. To prevent any confusion on my part, I changed the name of the new iPad.  Until I did that both iPads had the same name.  With the iPad connected to iTunes I only needed to click on the name to change it.
  6. Now do your first sync.  It will take a long while as it puts back all the missing apps, books, and videos in my case.  Took maybe 20 minutes for all that.
  7. So this means the restore, and the Sync together are what make your new iPad perfectly configured.

The encrypted backup is important as it will grab more to backup then an unencrypted backup.  BTW, once my new iPad was working good, I used this Apple article to wipe my old iPad.

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