vMotion fails & how I fixed it

I had vMotion fail this morning in a way that was quite different – meaning it could start OK but things were not OK.  In the Recent Tasks it actually said failed vMotion from one server to another and with a lot of detail such as the IP’s used and to check network.  Sorry no screenshot. I had to rush off to the gym.  But once I was back there was nothing left in the Recent Tasks.  But I found the screenshot below in Events (click to see any images better).


And if I looked in Log Insight I could see the following.


What I saw in Log Insight showed me that this vMotion would start, and it would try again after it failed. And it was a bit more specific on things too.

The real clue was in the Recent Tasks message – again sorry no screenshot – in what it said from sam to biddle  I knew something was wrong since .1. is vMotion and .3. is storage.  So when I looked at the VMkernal ports on biddle this is what I saw.


You can see the Storage network is actually flagged as vMotion – so two vMotion ports.  Once I removed that extra vMotion enabled port all was good.

I met an interesting customer in NYC once that really do most everything using PowerCLI.  If I did I would have missed this issue.


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