Protected Object when trying to connect to my APC UPS web UI

Another title might be  – Locked out of my Web GUI and what I need to do to fix it!

It has been a while since my lab email server worked (you can see where I fixed it up here and here).  So today, when I had it working and the clients working I was checking things out.  Some like Veeam are pretty easy, but I was curious about my three APC Smart-UPS units.  But when I connected to any of them I got a Protected Object error.


That was in Chrome, but in Firefox it was a bit different.


But, still no access!

So I figured to log in via SSH and see what I see.  Here is one example.


I can see that v5.1.7 is the version info but nowhere is the model.  I did the typical help and found some actual help.  So I used about to see more info.


So I have what I need to check for downloads – model is AP9630 and v5.1.7 is the version.  Of course, the web site is working but not downloads.  They get that back fairly quick though.

Here is the main download URL, and you can select Network Management Cards under the product name drop down.

Here is what I ended up with, and a pointer to which file to download.


Once this file downloads, and I have copied it to my file share so in my Windows View desktop I can click on it, it extracts and then starts an upgrade tool.  BTW, while I like this method to update, there are others.  More info here.


BTW, in the screenshot above I had previously exited the tool, and then changed into the folder to find and start it – so you know the path.

I put in my UPS info and use the Ping option to make sure this works.


But, the Upgrade Now option doesn’t work.  Turns out it needs FTP, and yes, a few years ago when I installed things I disabled FTP as I did not think it was required.

So you need to log back into the CLI.  You can use the ftp command to see the status – which in my case is disabled.  You can also use ftp -S enable to start FTP which will require a restart so use the reboot command for that.


Now, if you try the Upgrade Now button again, you will see something different.


It appears that there is three upgrade files, and it also appears that it restarts the network interfact after each is copied.  But after – 5 or 10 minutes, you are done.


I like to confirm the update is done, as yes, I have been fooled before.  So I try and log into the Web UI.


What?  Same error message but dressed up in new colors and logo.  Wait? This is my fault.  I used just the UPS name so it connected over HTTP which I have disabled in the past.  I try doing an HTTPS connection and it worked fine.  After I logged in and changed to the About menu I see something not very useful.


Firmware is not that useful so I log into the CLI.


I can see instead of the original version – 5.1.7 I have what I would expect – 6.2.1.  So I have the correct version, and I can log in.  So most excellent.  I think the UI is better then it was in the past so that is good.

Now I need to do the other two UPS.


  • 7/14/17 – Misspelled the model number up above – reversed two numbers.  Fixed now.

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10 thoughts on “Protected Object when trying to connect to my APC UPS web UI

  1. Thanks for the Blog Michael. I was wondering, does the upgrade impact power to connected devices?

  2. When you click About in the web UI, you need to select Network not UPS to show the installed firmware. No need to use the terminal.

  3. A life saver, thank you very much! Just a side note: you misspelled AP9360, it should be AP9630! I can see it in your screenshots, and my case was identical!
    Thanks again, you helped me a lot with a remote device

  4. The problem in such case is with sslv3.0 that needs to be enabled in browser.Also it is possible to enable/disable http/https wia ssh or console – command: web -S http

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