VDS out of sync

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So in anticipation of upgrading to v6.0 U1b I did an host upgrade using VUM for latest patches.  I knew I would not have the ESXi 5.5 u3 issue of not upgrading properly as U1b was the solution, and I had upgraded my vC to 5.5 U3 early in December.  So should be easy.  But I discovered that one host was not upgraded.  And it could not see its datastore.  Rescan didn’t help.  Restart didn’t help.  Was a VDS out of sync issue.  I found that as a vmkping on my storage network didn’t work and it was on my Core VDS.  So when I started looking at the VDS I see these messages.
I could not figure out how to force a sync - which I thought would solve the issue.  I found this but it was not helpful.  I never saw the Rectify option.

So I figure to remove host and add it back and that should work.  More work then it should be but I wanted things working.

Removing the host from the VDS was more difficult then it should be.  While it was in Maintenance Mode and had no VMs on it there was templates.  They all had ports in use.  So I removed them from Inventory and added them back elsewhere in the cluster.  But still the host had one port in use - ’19’ and it seem to indicate it was the host itself.   I thought to do a restart. But, it didn’t help.  So I had to remove all three vmkernel ports.  And that worked.  Now to add the host back to the VDS. Which worked.

BTW, I have seen in various places that synchronization of VDS data should occur every five minutes. But it doesn’t seem to be working like that for me.

So next time this happens to me, I will look to see if I can see the Rectify option.  And if not, remove the host and add it back.  After all, it worked this time!

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