Adding a second DNS to my Log Insight

Recently I realized that I had only one DNS entry for my Log Insight server and when I tried to fix it I realized it had no vApp properties.  Thanks to Steve I found out that I can recreate the vApp properties. BTW, this may have been caused by my removing the ESXi server that hosted LI from vCenter. So here we go.

What does it look like when there is no vApp properties for Log Insight? You can see below – after using Edit Settings on the VM.


Once you have the VM powered off, and are back in vApp Options you Enable vApp options and will see something like below.


I had to add the name we see above near properties.

You can use the New button to add properties.  Below is the keys you need to add.  It will look like below.








After you have added the keys, you will see something like below.


Once you  have all the properties entered you can power up the VM and you should be good.

For me I wanted to see two DNS servers defined so I checked that.  But I also did ping test, and application test stuff too.  Important note – changing DNS if it is already defined doesn’t work – it is a bug and VMware knows. But the rest worked for me and if doing this new, everything works.


  • 1/10/16 – I should have mentioned with this DNS update not working I just added my second nameserver to the /etc/resolv.conf file.  Easy.


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