The dangers of peppers!

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I hope that everyone has enjoyed the holiday season and in particular enjoyed time with family and friends? I certainly have, and in fact still am.

I had some particularly exciting time Christmas day.  Some of the young folk were in the basement, and I heard some loud noises.  Pain noises.  So of course I jumped in.  My niece and her boyfriend were in quite strong pain and their eyes were closed.  They could not open their eyes.  One witness – their granddad, said they were playing with some (red) pepper bushes and had wiped their eyes.

So I dealt with it.  Had some fun actually.  Turns out that pouring cold milk (I only had half & half) over their eyes really helps.  Plus using a shot glass, with milk in it, held over their eyes also helps.  In-between the milk experience I had them stand outside in the very cold air and that helps too.

Very key they do not touch anyone with their hands.  And I made sure of that.  I also had them wash their hands multiple times with dish soap.  They had to do that until they could lick their fingers without pain.  And once they could open their eyes, I had them blink a lot to help encourage tears.

This all took a while, but the milk really made the difference.  And our dish-soap was great at dealing with the pepper resin (?) that was on their hands.

So it ended well. I share their pain with you in case you ever have this issue!

BTW, the pepper bush, which we do not know the name of, was grown by granddad from peppers that one of his sons gave him and he liked the taste of – so no idea what the name is.  They did not pick any peppers from it, but had just rubbed their fingers on it – and followed that up by rubbing their eyes.

The offending pepper bush
The offending pepper bush

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