Making a difference in the mass shootings

This is not my normal article but I cannot help myself.

There was a terrible event recently where a number of people were killed by a deranged individual.  People are saying more gun control is required.  Others are saying that more people died the weekend before the event in car accidents – do we want to outlaw cars?

Something needs to change.  There is too many mass shootings in the US and something does need to change.  Here are some specific things that help us avoid these mass shootings in Canada.

  • Our gun control says that you must be in your control of your weapon – or it must be under lock and key.  And they give specific examples – gun safe for example.  So you are using it or it is locked up very securely.
  • It is hard to get a permit to buy / own a weapon.  You have to take a short course (about 8 or 10 hours) and show you have basic safe weapon handling skills, and pass a test – written and hands on.  Then you do the paperwork to get the actual permit.  There is background checks, and you have to have your spouse (if you have one) sign they know what you are doing and support it.  You need a reference and they get interviewed.  If you have 911 incidents outstanding against your house for example it gets much harder to get your permit.  And through this whole process you could screw it up.
  • Once you have the permit it is possible to buy a weapon or ammo most easily and quickly.  But you show it every time.  And yes, it has to be renewed every five years.
  • If you break any rules you can lose your permit somewhat easily and it becomes hard to get it back!
  • There is more but I think the previous points are the important ones.

Even with this gun control that many would say was extra tough, I can hunt, or shoot at clubs or outdoor ranges, very easily.

I should mention it is nearly impossible to get a concealed weapon permit in Canada.  Even long ago, in the Wild West days, most Canadians carried a rife, rather then a six shooter.

I have heard many say that if there was more armed people around there would be less mass shootings.  I think that would be true if they were soldiers, ex-soldiers, police, or particularly well trained and very experienced people.  It is hard to shoot when you are under fire, and it is extremely hard to shoot accurately when under fire.

What do I think would cause less mass shootings?

  • More people that lock up securely their weapons when not in use.
  • Make it harder to get weapons, so as to keep the deranged or almost deranged people from owning.

In some ways it is too late for the US.  They have so many weapons floating around even with the excellent suggestions above there would be a lot of unaccounted for weapons (still worth improving the rules though).

So what else could help?  More people getting involved.

That is correct.  I think that more people should get involved.  If you watch the videos, or if you read transcripts, you will realize there is often time when the bad guy is not shooting.  Changing magazines for example such as in the recent serious event.  That is when someone – an old football or rugby or lacrosse player for example should strike.  And if a few of you do that even better.

There is a number of things that need to be done to make things better but the key one is people getting involved to make a real life or death difference.

I may be Canadian, but a serious amount of my time is in the US.  Many of my friends are American, and so I write this article thinking of them.  I don’t want any of them to be at a childs or friends funeral.  And, I have been shot at, I do know what it is like to respond under fire.  So I hope everyone takes this article in the spirit and hope that I intend it.

And yes, comments or suggestions or questions are always welcome.


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