Thinking of 9/11

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This is a little different article from me.  But I wanted to share some thoughts on my experience on 9/11 – 14 years ago today.  I was on-board a cruise ship with my family midpoint along the Canadian Coast heading up to Alaska.  Did not have much video or pictures but there was a significant ripple through the ship.  They increased security, curtailed for a while shore visits,  and there was a lot of talk.  My Dad and I are ex-soldiers – him Air Force and me Army Airborne.  So we talked about what this would mean in the world.  It was not good and we knew this was only the start but we had no idea how much the world would change.  We felt very close to the US – and knew whatever happened we would be there too.  We are serious neighbors after all in both peace and war.

But it was several years later that it really impacted me.  I was visiting a US bank in New York City to talk about Disaster Recovery.  On the second day they shared with me their story, and pictures of running for their lives.  They lost their datacenter, and really had to run.  They were able to take pictures after running for a bit and they were very moving.  Seeing things up close and personal, with people that were really seriously impacted, was very much more powerful then watching from afar.  Their story still brings tears to my eyes.

We should think today of the policeman and fireman who went into the towers to rescue people, and I suspect knew they would not survive.

We should also think about what else we have lost.  We lost a lot – not just friends, family, and people we never met, but we also lost a piece of freedom too.

Live Long, and Prosper, is a very odd phrase from TV, but that is exactly what I wish for you.  Along with freedom of course.


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  1. Thanks Michael for the awesome article. I feel every American maybe Canadian as well should have a picture of the burning twin towers hanging someone in their dwelling. I too did a VMware Jumpstart right beside the location where the twins used to be right after it occurred. And yes, seeing the aftermath in person stops you in your tracks. It’s just too easy to forget the sacrifice of those personally affected by such senseless behavior.
    Tom Miller

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