Why I like VMware Infrastructure Navigator so much

Hi there,

I mentioned that VMware Infrastructure Navigator (VIN) was part of the vRealize family and that I liked it, and someone asked me why.  I never got to demo for him why but I realized that I have been asked this before and that VIN is not nearly as common as it should be.

So here we go.


Server VIN Info
Server VIN Info

Note how when the host is highlighted that you can see the number of application servers and what application types that are running on that host.

Cluster VIN Info
Cluster VIN Info

When the cluster is highlighted we get quite a different view of the applications that are running. Quite a few in fact.

Cluster VIN info, expanded
Cluster VIN info, expanded

We have the cluster VIN info shown now but with Application server and Virtualization Management expanded so you see a little more information on the applications running.


You can see the VIN info for the VM bosad01 which is a domain controller. We can see that it has 22 dependencies.

View Server VIN info
View Server VIN info

We can see that this View server (bosbroker) has 12 dependencies.

View Server Application Dependencies
View Server Application Dependencies

We change to the Manage tab for the VM, and select Application Dependencies.  While it is hard to read this screen we have a very good idea of what it is dependent on it.  Plus we can even see version info on one of the servers that is in the diagram. And of course we can zoom in.

Zoomed in App Dependencies for View server
Zoomed in App Dependencies for View server

We can now start to read what some of the dependencies are.  Like AD, and vCenter.

Why Important?

I think that these screenshots show the value of VIN.  But here is what I like about it:

  • I can see before I turn off a VM what is dependent on it – so I know what I am impacting.
  • I can see what is the applications running on the VM, host, or cluster.
  • I can see what makes up an application, so that means I know what needs to be ‘packaged’ with it to be protected with Site Recovery Manager.

So I hope that this shows you why you should have VIN running.  Remember that if you own the vRealize Suite you own VIN.  But likely not many people have suggested you run it – so I am now!

BTW, if you want to see all of the articles I do over time for VIN check out this tag.  You can find the docs, release notes, and bits easy enough.


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2 thoughts on “Why I like VMware Infrastructure Navigator so much

  1. I love VIN or vRIN. A lot of users are not aware the benefit of it. It can even help in a backup or a DR strategy planning not to miss out the VMs. If a app owner leave, at least the infra person still able to know the dependency. Great post!

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