Interesting Scam – ALERT

Hi there,

I just fumbled typing in my browser and all of a sudden a women is talking to me.  And I see this.


And the OK leads you to a loop.  Thank goodness I use Chrome as they add a check-box to block them from keeping me in the loop.

They are pretty tricky as they make it look like I am calling Windows Defender for help instead of the shysters who are doing this – and no, I don’t use Defender.  And they are trying to make it look like a BSOD which somehow is supposed to make me think this is legit.

This is something that will not fool anyone in IT, or who is even a little technical but I think there is a whole bunch of people it will fool.  Like maybe my Dad, and certainly I think some of my inlaws.  So I shall warn them.  And you should warn yours about these kind of scams.

This is a scam and is not something to worry about.


=== END ===

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