August 5 vExpert Webinar details

Hello all,

On August 5 DataGravity and I hosted a private vExpert briefing on DataGravity Storage Array version 2.  On the 11th of August it went GA and so now I can share with everyone what we talked about.

Here is the video, and here is the vExpert Webinar 080315_Final deck.

If you have questions let me know.  And thanks very much to the vExperts for their great questions and interest.  I look forward for more of these sorts of things.

BTW, I took all of the questions that the vExperts asked, and put them in the Q&A part of the slide deck.

ABTW, earlier this week the shirts shipped.  So even in Canada they should arrive middle of next week at the latest.  So in enough time to bring them to VMworld to try and win the ZBoard motorized skateboard.

Another update (9/5/15) I heard from several of you that did not get your shirts.  I have escalated that and people are investigating – I will let you know when I know more.


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