Making the Log Insight Content Pack Publishing v3.0 work

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I have a Log Insight Content Pack I want to submit.  I am using v3 of the Content Pack Publishing tool.  It doesn’t even start – the submission tool I mean. So frustrating.  Thanks for some help from Steve Flanders we got it working.  BTW, if you are doing a content pack you likely have the excellent doc that will get you going so I am not going to talk about that.  I am just talking about how to get the submission process working.

First, you must be using Java 7 (SE Runtime).  If you don’t have it you will need an account to download it.  We used update 79.  You can find it here.  If you have to remove Java, restart.

Second, you must rename publisher.command to publisher.cmd.


Now if you are Steve, and not me, you can double-click on publisher.cmd and it will start things up.


However, I needed to start things up a little different.

So I opened the command line, and executed the Java files manually and it worked.

  • open CMD
  • cd to publisher directory
  • now run – java -jar publisher.jar


So it does work – easy for some, and a few more steps for others.  But it works.  I can say that VMware is completely aware of this and are working on it.  I think – and so do they – that this may be related to a Microsoft change.

Update: if you need to upload data to VMware so they can test your CP, and the Submission tool does do it, you can do it fairly easily.

  1. Log into your LI appliance.
  2. mkdir /storage/var/buckets
  3. cd /storage/var/buckets
  4. 2
  5. cd ..
  6. tar cfz buckets.tar.gz buckets
  7. WinSCP or SecureFX the buckets.tar.gz off your host.
  8. Upload your archive to where VMware says – likely DCPN.


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