Learning Regular Expressions?

I need to learn RegEx.  I got some rude kind of introduction when working on a Log Insight Content Pack.  Yes, you should see that work soon!  But I got some great help and ended up breezing through the RegEx.   So I really need to learn it(after all I will not always be sitting beside a RegEx star).  So I thought I would start a series on it.  Anything I write on RegX will have a tag of regex.

Getting Started

This seems like the best place to start.  In particular what you should memorize and then the videos.


You can test yourself and practice here.

Useful links

  • A library of expressions can be found here.
  • Some of the dev people I work with like this one (good for testing) and this one.
  • Update: Here is a particularly good one that will show you what your RegEx does.


I hope this helps me, and you, to learn more about RegEx.  I will post examples of useful RegEx that I do.


  • 7/22/15 – Thanks to SteveM, one of our QA rock stars we have this interesting site.
  • 7/11/15 – Thanks to Steve we have this.  More good learning!
  • Thanks to Josh – he shared this one.  Which looks pretty good for learning and testing.


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