Could not install the Exchange Protection Transport agents [10]

Hello there,

Those of you who are Exchange people, such as @ExchangeGoddess likely know about this issue.  But I tried to deploy Anti – Malware from BitDefender on my Exchange server and it did not work, and showed the error above in the management console.  The solution was simple however, visit the URL below while on your Exchange server.

And use the Fix Me button.  It will do a formatting change in a config file (very quickly) that will fix this problem.

This problem occurs on Exchange 2013 SP1.  It was supposed to be fixed in CU5 but I am using CU8 and I had the problem and thus the reason I am sharing this.

BTW, I mention the Exchange Goddess as I listened to her here today.  She knows a lot about Exchange.

Now to sleep.


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