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I saw this great travel for business people tips article by Andre and it got me thinking.  He does a great job of suggesting things that business people should be aware of.  But I have some things to add.

  • I would add that NEXUS / Global Entry is a bonus but also a must have.  Gets you through customs fast, and into the premiere security lines too.  US and Canada alike should do NEXUS as you also get Global Entry and TSA Pre without paying extra or more paperwork.
  • I always check my baggage in.  Partially due to my carrying a backup hard drive in it that I like to keep separate from me.  Plus speakers for my hotel room, and often an Apple TV and you get the picture.  In about 8 years of very frequent travel – meaning roughly 80% away from home I have had my luggage delayed twice.  Both times was found and delivered the next day.  Once all the electronics were stolen but nothing else.  Yes, I do encrypted backups to that hard drive!  Not saying you should check your bag, but if you do not as bad as it sounds.
  • Another one I would mention strongly is be polite and professional.  I once got dinner, breakfast, hotel room, and two taxi rides when the airline forgot me (mostly my fault but that is a story for another time).  I stood back afterwards checking my email and letting my wife know.  I ended up listening and watching as several other people from my flight complained.  They got almost nothing.  Not a hotel or food.   What was different was rudeness and unpleasantness and maybe a bit of airline status.  But definitely be polite.  Another time I was polite and friendly to a kid traveling on her own and sitting beside me, in fact loaned her my iPad and that so impressed the flight attendant who was to look after her I did not pay for my snacks, drinks, and I got a very nice thank you, and smile, from a very beautiful woman.
  • On the subject of rewards I do agree strongly you need to pay attention to them.  But be careful, and try and not dilute them and you will be very well off.  I mean pick a good hotel chain, and a good airline association – like Star Alliance.  If you can get an airline or hotel credit card too that is bonus. I just had two weeks off exploring in Utah and the lodging was covered by Marriott.  Completely.  Very nice.  I even still got my check in points!
  • I deal with avoiding jet lag pretty well by not drinking liquor on the airline – or on very long flights maybe 2 glasses of wine max, and lots of water and ginger ale.  Plus I adjust my watch at the beginning of the flight to the destination to try and get in tune as quick as possible.
  • Also, don’t be shy and talk to the person next too you.  I have met some very interesting soldiers, nurses, doctors, politicians, and even some fascinating people who would not say what they did and presented fascinating clashing signals.  Once even a professor of language who entertained himself getting me to say things.  So sometimes don’t pull out the iPad and chat.  It can make the flight go faster and sometimes it is interesting.
  • Something else that I think important is, if possible, to not go anywhere for less then 3 nights – and three nights in the same place.  That helps to keep you healthy.  Also try and keep a regular workout schedule.
  • My experience is that Marriott is overwhelming better for the rewards.  Use them for nights and not other things.  But even if you don’t like Marriott, whatever you choose stick with them!
  • Also, do not take pictures of airplanes, or flight staff, or ground staff.  Be discrete when taking pictures of airplane stuff even in the US / Canada now, particularly when on the plane.  And don’t do it in Africa at all.  A few people recently were hassled over doing this in the US.  United says – sort of – pictures that are personal OK, and of staff or the airplane not.

Any questions or comments – as always – are welcome!


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