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I know it is a bit early but I just got the info on this a short time ago.  DataGravity will be at VMworld, and so will I, so it will be awesome to have any and all of you come to the booth and see what our data-aware storage is.  Every-time I demo, or watch someone watching a demo, you should see the smiles as people realize just what else that storage of yesterday cannot do and yet is included in our storage.  I also want to share what sessions I have submitted – and yes, I would appreciate your votes!

  • 4515: The Two Most Disruptive Storage Technologies – and Why They Are So Important! – Michael White and VMware’s Rawlinson Rivera introduce VSAN and DataGravity – the exciting thing here is that Rawlinson will be educating you about DataGravity, and I will be doing VSAN – not just technical but why they are important.  And if you have seen me, and or Rawlinson speak, you will know that it will be quite the combination and so really something to see!  However, due to working with Rawlinson I will not be bring a super-soaker this time.
  • 4458: Installation and Configuration Best Practices for DataGravity Storage – Michael White covers how to set up DataGravity, and how to integrate with vRealize Operations and Log Insight.
  • 5471: How VMware and our Partners are Bringing Actions to Enterprise Administrators with vRealize Operations – Michael White on a panel of experts discuss vRealize and how partner solutions are increasing its value.  This will be a developer type session where you will learn about adding Actions into your vR Ops Management Packs.

As well, here are several sessions from others at DataGravity that I would appreciate you voting for.

  • 5005: Using vRealize Operations as Command Central for Your Cloud – Sudhir Bhatti, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, VMware, Wally Lang, General Manager, Hipskind Technology Solutions Group, Inc.
  • 4610: Don’t Let Your VM-Based Files be the Cause of Your Next Data Security Breach – Dave Stevens & Will Urban show how to govern information in your VM (using data-aware storage).
  • 4729: Real-World Tips and Techniques to Build Data Intelligence Into Your VMware Environment – Jaison Bailley from Centria describes his experience making his VMware environment data-aware.
  • 5707: GreyHairs on Storage: Live on Stage – Howard Marks & Ray Lucchesi bring their GreyBeards podcast to stage with a panel of experts, including our own CEO Paula Long, debating storage topics & trends.

Some interesting and useful sessions and I would appreciate your voting for any that you would like to see at VMworld!  I would love to meet you and show you how cool our storage is as well.

You will need to log into and filter on the session numbers above to vote.  Again, I appreciate your voting!

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