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I was using Photos a lot on my recent holiday. And I like it. But I have learned it is much further from being ready for me then I expected. I was a minor little user of Aperture. I thought what I did there would work in Photos and while most things did certainly not everything. So here is a list of my likes and not likes.


  • I really like how it creates everything on every device. I create an album on my Mac, and it is on my iPhone and iPad before I even looked at it! Same with updates to that album.
  • I like how new pictures are sorted or grouped into moments.  In my holiday the moments were things like Arches Nation Park or Canyonlands National Park and that is clear and easy to work with.
  • I like how you can do things easily with moments such as move a moment to my album, or do a slideshow to show my wife my pictures.
  • I also like the way that Photos shows where photos were taken.  I think it is a little more intuitive then other software.
  • Performance seems very good in my library.  Certainly faster then what it used to be in Aperture.
  • I like how easy doing edits is!
  • Sharing can be done with one or many, and includes the ability to let others add to your shared content, and even a public option.

 Not Likes

  • I cannot change the location, or add a location.
  • I cannot yet make Photos work with Flickr.  Was easy in iPhoto and Aperture but not in Photos.  I think it will be as it appears that it will work at the moments level which is handy.  It looks like there is no place to put Flickr credentials so that makes me think it will be an extension.  But not sure yet.  Will keep trying.  Update – I thought to try this on a different Mac and it works there.  What is different?  This is the Mac I had done Flickr postings from iPhoto and Aperture.  So odd.  Update: I have finally, on one machine been able to successfully upload to Flickr.  Turns out that some of the times I tried where it did not work was due to videos in my batch of pictures.  Not sure if that is ‘right’ but it is correct.  However what I shared never made it to Flickr. I even waited overnight to see if there was a delay but nothing.  I would not worry about this as much since I could share with people if necessary via iCloud Photo Sharing but I quite like the Apple TV Flickr capabilities and the Public side of Flickr sharing too.  So lets hope that Apple and Flickr work this out.  This is so messed up I cannot find the place to put my Flick credentials!  Define your Flickr credentials in Internet Accounts in System Preferences.
  • I used to do some mass edits.  I would add the copyright info, and my name as author / photog to all of the pictures before I shared them out.  You cannot do that bulk edit, or use an author or copyright fields.
  • I don’t like when I share that titles, keywords, and GPS information is not shared, nor is there an option to enable / disable it.



I heard recently on the web that the next OS X release was going to have Photos updates and while that is good it is also not good. I had hoped it would be updated out of the OS X release cycle. But the fact is I believe that Apple is committed to Photos and I hope to see a lot of improvements in the near future.

Who is Photos good for?

If you want basic – but useful edits of the pictures, and you want them easily on all of your devices, and with a very nice UI then Photos is for you. It is a good replacement for iPhoto and it is not yet a good replacement for Aperture. Even for me where I was a very simple user of Aperture.

I hope that this is interesting or helpful, and as always comments or questions are appreciated.


  • 7/16/15 – starting to see some detail on the next release of Photos as part of El Capitan.  Some great info in this article.  This covers off a lot of my negative comments.
  • 5/31/15 – added the iMore review.
  • 5/24/15 – added the URL for how to use Adjust in Photos.
  • 5/24/15 – you can define your Flickr credentials in the Internet Accounts area.  Also added a link to a nice book on Photos.
  • 5/22/15 – added the link on throttling.
  • 5/20/15 – More on Flickr in the Not Likes area.  Some useful URL and some comments about sharing.
  • 5/12/15 – Just learned that titles and descriptions of a picture done in Photos on a Mac are not seen on an iOS.  Needs to be fixed!

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