Internal error has occured – unable to load resource….

After you upgrade your vSphere 5.5 U2d vCenter to vSphere 6, the very first time you log in you get right after the log in an error like below.


This error occurs a lot.  Really a lot.  It occurs on both Windows and Mac, and in either of the browsers I tried.  And this just minutes before my wife worked in after work.    Exciting trying to run this error to ground, and say hello and how was your day in a believable way!  But the clue is in the body of the message.  This is because I forget to see if VMware Support Assistant had a vSphere 6 supported version or not.  It was not mentioned in any of the research I did and I forgot about it.  Until it reared its ugly head.

Of course I thought I knew how to fix this.  Remove the Support Assistant plug-in and all would be good.  Great article to help with that here.  However, it doesn’t list the Support Assistant plug-in info.  I could not find the plugin to remove.  So I wondered if there was another way.

Eventually I found one.

Look in the vSphere Web Client under Home \ Administration \ Client Plug-ins.  You will see VMware vCenter Support Assistant.  Right click on it and select Disabled.  Now it should look like below.


Now you should log out, and log back in.  There should be none of the error messages you saw previously.

I should mention that I love the Support Assistant, and I install it in each lab I have, and probably have helped 25 or more customers to get it going.  Hopefully VMware will get it updated soon!

Update: 3/26/15 1230 – just saw this which is another version of this error where it was vC Ops plug-in rather then the Support Assistant above.  Too bad he didn’t check out this article, or my upgrade article where he would have learned best to upgrade vC Ops before vSphere.


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