My View 6.1 Upgrade

I have two labs, and one is at home, and one is at work in Nashua, New Hampshire.  So no matter where I am, I am always connecting to a remote lab.  In both of them View is my product of choice.  And has been since before it was called View – remember VDM anyone?  I upgraded my home lab and kept track of how it went to be able to share.  So here we go.

I am upgrading a small lab, so not worried about downtime, but want the least amount of work, and no re-work!  BTW, I took advantage of this outage to do the MS updates.


  • Docs, Release Notes, Upgrade Guide
  • Bits,
  • Know what build you are at, for me I was at 6.0.0 build- 1884746
  • You should know that there is a new message protocol that is enabled if doing a fresh install, and disabled if doing an upgrade.  If it is enabled you need to make a firewall change.   See here for more info.
  • Connect to your View environment and make sure it works, and check the events to make sure nothing odd.
  • Backups are always good to have!

Process – Connection Servers

  • Connect to the Connection Server (CS) console and install.  It will be like an upgrade because it is so not many questions at all!
  • Connect to the Security Server (SS)  console, and install.  It will NOT be like an upgrade, as it showed me the current settings, and required a pairing password.

Both of these went very smooth and required no restart.

Process – View desktop Agent

I had hopped to be able to connect in via View, and upgrade the agent on my desktop.  But that was once again blocked.  So I had to connect via the vSphere console.  Once I did the upgrade was smooth and did require a restart.

Upgrading the template was easy and as expected, smooth.  Not sure how I would update numbers of persistent desktop but I guess hope that I had access to software distribution tools or maybe use AD?  I think maybe doing it to the machine via AD might mean it would be done without user input but, would it still fail with a warning?  If anyone knows that would be great to hear about.

BTW, check out the custom option when installing the agent as it installs a variety of things – including the vR Ops bit too which is good.

Process  – Clients

You can find the clients here but only the Windows one has been updated.  I used my Apple OS X client to connect with no issue.


After I upgraded the CS I connected and confirmed I saw the right version – which was 6.1.0 build-2509221.

After I upgraded the SS I connected to the CS and confirmed that it saw the SS and had the correct version.

I checked the events to see if there was any errors.

I connected to the View environment using my Mac OS X client and after I connected successfully I checked the events in the View UI to see if there was anything to worry about.

Things to Note

  • I am not using vSphere 6, so not sure if that is relevant, but I cannot find the option in the Admin UI to control the level of TPS which is something the release notes mention I can do.  Will retest after I upgrade to vSphere 6.
  • I am frustrated that I cannot upgrade a View agent while in a View session.  I know that it used to let you do it and it was very handy – I have done upgrades using View of View before and found it very useful.
  • I would like to see in a blog or the docs how to do a update of the View agent using some common methodology like AD.  As an example for people.


All good.  So quick and easy!  Literally the MS update of the two View servers took longer then this upgrade.  So I am now current on View and that helps me be ready for vSphere 6, plus I really wanted the TPS control.  Will keep looking for that!  BTW, not sure if everyone understands that but it will let me control the level of TPS and allow me to easily turn it all back on the way it used to be.  This will provide serious memory savings as any memory that is the same as other memory pages will mean only one copy will be store and a pointer for the other one.  In Windows this can be a big savings.  Update: this setting is found at the Pool level.  More info can be found here.

Questions or comments always welcome!


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2 thoughts on “My View 6.1 Upgrade

  1. Mike,

    I have upgrade View myself on several occasions and a few times hired an outside consultant. Given your experience, I am thinking about upgrading my View 6.0.1 environment myself. I have a broker, security server, 5 hosts, and 320 Win7 virtual desktops. Can I do this upgrade in pieces or once I start do I need to complete the entire process?


    1. Hi Dave,

      My experience is that you can do it in pieces but I am careful of doing that. I suggest that you upgrade if necessary vC and hosts. Not sure if that is relevant. Then upgrade broker and security server. Then upgrade the templates for the pools. Last things is the 320 desktops. Not sure how you might do that. But AD / GP delivered View agent is possible but I have not tried that. There are other tools you can use too. Try and get them done soon though.


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