Fixed! Now other Admin users can see default and VIN dashboards!

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This is pretty exciting.  Support and I both worked together and could not figure this out.  Now I stumbled across it!  Not sure if it is a 6.0.1 thing or not but I have confirmed this works in two 6.0.1 environments (update – also true and necessary in 6.0.2, 6.1, and also 6.2).

Current State

If you are like me, and are using a admin equivalent account when you are logged into vR Ops you will see something like this screenshot below.

Default dashboards for non admin acccount
Default dashboards for non admin account

You will not see a number of important dashboards that you do as the admin user (such as Recommendations).  But you are admin equivalent so you should be able too.  But no.  We can fix it.

How to share dashboards

  • Log in as the admin user.
  • Change to the Content, and Dashboards view.
List of dashboards
List of dashboards
  • You can see all of the dashboards now, and the Shared status of them.  Notice how the first three and the last two are not shared?  The last two are the dashboards that are part of the VMware Infrastructure (VIN) management pack.  I suspect that any dashboards that are created are not shared unless you actually share them.
  • Next. we need to use the Gear icon.


  • Select Share Dashboards from the popup.


  • Now you will see a window of the Shared status of the dashboards.


  • If you scroll you should see – in a default install that has the VIN MP installed, four dashboards at the top and two at the bottom that are not shared – note the human looking icon with the line through it?
  • I believe that Recommendations, Diagnose, and Self Health are important for any admin – or admin equivalent – to see.  So lets start by dragging the dashboard Recommendations to the group Everyone.  We should see the assigned counter change to 11, and the Shared status change to only the human seen.


  • Now that seems to have worked.  Lets drag and drop the other dashboards, and don’t forget the two at the bottom.
All the appropriate dashboards now shared
All the appropriate dashboards now shared
  • It looks like things are now fixed.
  • Now we need to use the Save button.
Things do look fixed
Things do look fixed


So log in as your admin equivalent user and see what you see.


That looks exactly right to me now!

Note: This showed you how to get VIN dashboards seen by other then just the admin user.  But I just learned that there are other third-party dashboards that need this particular treatment!


I guess some of the confusion in this area is due to admin equivalent accounts having access to everything, but the dashboards are not shared.  While I use the Group Everyone above, you can always create your own groups – and in fact you should.

But at least now you can see all of the dashboards that in fact you should see!


  • 3/21/16 – confined that this is still true in 6.2.
  • 11/15/15 – confirmed that this is true in 6.1.
  • 7/8/15 – made some pictures larger.  Also added the note about how this solves the issue for any dashboards that are not seen when they should be.  Also mentioned that this occurs in 6.0.2.


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3 thoughts on “Fixed! Now other Admin users can see default and VIN dashboards!

  1. Very very very helpful. Thanks a lot. It took me a lot of troubleshooting and no luck. I opened a case today and the support will WebEx with me next week. Too late, I got your page and it worked great. My only problem now is how to export the result of VIN. Both web client and vROPs don’t offer a way to export the data to a CSV or text file. PNG wont help. Do you have any idea?

      1. Yes, there is a way in VIN to export, but it’s onto a JPEG/picture. I am looking for a way to export it as either CSV or even text. I need the data for about 50 VMs and a CSV format will be good.

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