Download vSphere 6 with VMware Software Manager

Hi all,

This is a nice tool, and quite handy actually.  We will install, configure, and understand this nice tool by the end of this article (and yes, it works with 6.5).

You can learn about the announcement of it here – in the briefest of words, and you can find the product page here, again brief, and the bits can be found here.  The documentation is here, with the current release notes.

But lets get started.

You should have ready a location where you can store quite a bit of data – easily 40 GB without trying in my case – it will be called Depot.  As well, the software needs to be installed on 64-bit OS.


  • This software will only install on Windows so find a place for it to run.  I run it on my personal desktop VM and it doesn’t seem to cause me issues.  Have the bits handy to wherever you want to install.
Install bits
Install bits
  • Once started we see the typical thing, although I do like they signed the install bits.


  • Next up is the destination folder.


  • Important – pick a good location for your depot.  This tool really downloads what you ask – meaning if your say vSphere 5.5 vCenter it will bring it all down – so about 10 GB as it includes all of the different choices for vC!  So for me I do as you see below.


  • When you are done you have the option selected to start up the Web app.  Interesting number of options that you can use to log in!


  • But there is also a desktop icon.


  • Once you authenticate using your My VMware credentials you will see something like below.


  • Next you will see something like below.


  • If you play with the filtering options on the top left you could see something like this.


  • I pick VMware vCenter Server 5.5 Update 2d to download.  I use the funny looking download arrow to start it.  Then the screen changes a little to show progress.


  • Incidentally, even though it says it will take about 6 hours it did not.  It took maybe 1 hour. So pretty good time actually.


  • If we go look at our Depot it will look like this.


  • I have started a download so that is why we have the Datacenter & Could Infrastructure folder.
  • If we click down through the Datacenter folder we would end up with this link.


  • If we click on this link we will see the contents as we do below.


  • So when the download is finished in the UI, I click on the link as seen below.


  • And I see all my files.


  • Note I have all of the pieces for vC!

BTW, when the download finishes it looks like below in the UI.  You have a number of choices, including you can open the software folder or re-download the files or return to the Software Catalog.


Some things to note

  • The time remaining is of the component – like ESXi or vC that you are downloading, and not of the overall time.  The time is for the component but the space is for everything.  See below for an example.


  • I found at unexpected times I would be looking at 5.1 things rather then what I thought I should be which was 5.5. It seems the filter changed at times when I as not looking!


So we have installed, and configured this nice little tool, and even seen how to download something with it.  In theory, next time we log in, or refresh the browser we will see any new content.  I would like to get vSphere 6 into this, but also View too!  I think that this will be a nice tool for partners and customers that like to have some control over the download and want all of the team to use the same bits.  I certainly think that is a good idea and this tool can help with it.  I also like how this tool even will do a check of the download files to make sure they were not damaged in transit.

Now if we can only get the other products into the catalog that would be most excellent!

BTW, you can use this to see any and all articles on the VMware Software Manager topic.


  • 11/29/16 – updated file locations for version 1.5.  Also want to confirm it took two days for vSphere 6.5 to be seen in this tool.  Both Log Insight, and vROps bits downloaded included the updates.
  • 9/9/16 – After an update – to 1.4, it started to download files to the default directory which is c:\depot.  Which than filled up that disk. But it is an easy fix – right click on the app icon in the tray and select Settings.  You can view and change the download location.  I pointed it back to the right spot and all good.  No restart or anything else needed.
  • 5/1/16 – turns out that you can use a My VMware account with no rights, to download – using this tool – all the bits.  These bits will include updates so this is better then using the NFR option that vExperts normally do.  Be aware that you should notice carefully what you are downloading.  Today, I checked and I could download vROps 6.0 which of course doesn’t have the 6.2.1 update I was looking for, but I could also in a different spot download 6.2.0 (or was it 6.2.1) which did have the update.
  • 2/5/16 – added the comment about 64-bit OS and big depot location.
  • 2/4/16 – Updated for v1.3 of the tool, and made the screenshots bigger.
  • 9/7/15 – 1113 – I just tried out this again and had to do an update to 1.2.  Wonder if that is connected to the vR Ops, Log Insight, and vSphere Update 1 that will all drop soon.
  • 6/16/15 – 1958 – I can confirm that this all works the same with 1.1 that was released earlier this month.
  • 3/12/15 – 1801 MT – you can now see vSphere 6 in the UI, and I only needed to refresh my browser to see it.  BTW, the vSphere 6 Enterprise Plus download size is 31 GB.  Wow.



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