Wonder why you see ^^494^^ instead of real names?

I certainly did.  In my environment I see names of things like you see below.


For example, you can in Top 5 Largest datastores things like ^^324^^.  I was curious about that.  It turns out that I was looking at Opvizor through the Internet.  If I had looked at it via the VM I had installed the Opvizor software on I would not see anonymized information like that but rather the proper names.  Very good to know.  If however you want to look at it via the Internet, and see real names you can can choose to NOT anonymize.  Use the desktop icon to start Opvizor and make the change.  See that below.
So you get to make a choice, and I think the default is pretty good. Secure by default when looking at the UI outside and less secure on the inside but also more useful.  So pretty good.  But you do get a choice!


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3 thoughts on “Wonder why you see ^^494^^ instead of real names?

  1. Thanks Michael for covering that topic! Some additional info about our anonymization – we anonymize automatically: all names as VM, Host, Datastore, network; all IP, MAC, WWPN, user names and custom attributes. We do that for all kinds of data, configuration, log file entries, events, performance data.

    1. Thanks Dennis. It looks like me that while you anonymization you also maintain relationships which is very impressive. I love the option too have it anonymous offsite but inside it is not. Very cool.

      Thanks again for the info,


      1. Glad you like it!

        Yes, we actually found a way to maintain network broadcast domains while anonymizing. that means we can still detect if you’re VMware ESX host is using a gateway to get to the IP storage or all portgroups with the same name across ESX hosts in a cluster are really serving the same physical network.


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