Upgrading Dell’s OpenManage Integration for vCenter

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A short note.  Installing Dell’s wonderful plugin for vCenter to help manage Dell hardware and software for Dell servers in my lab and I noticed there is an update.  So here is the article I used to install – and I did update it for the v2.1.0.23 that is more current then what I used to originally write that article.  So it is good to go for the more current releases now!

But during setup I noticed that there was a version update available.  I finished the install and made sure everything was good.  So I see Dell inventory info for example.  Then I access the appliance console using:


First thing we do is a backup – just in case.  So change to the Backup and Restore page.


Use the Backup Now button, and when prompted you do not need to make any changes and do the backup.

Once it is done you will see the following confirmation.

Successful backup!
Successful backup!

Now we are ready to upgrade, so lets change to the Appliance Management page.

And I see:

Update awaiting!
Update awaiting!

So I use the Update button to start the upgrade.  You will then see the confirmation.

Are you sure?
Are you sure?

We are sure so Update.

You will be logged out. It will take a while to download after which the VM will restart.  If you watch the console you will see when the restart occurs.

BTW, before I started the install today, I confirmed that what I was using was current.  So v2.1.0.23 but yet, there was an update waiting.  So not sure.  It took quite a bit of Googling before I could find the release notes for the new version which was shown as v2.3.  I wish we did not have to look for them and we could find them in the same place as we found the notice of the update and the update button.  I sure hope Dell reads this!

If you are watching the console like me, once it reboots and comes back to the login prompt I take that as a suggestion it is ready for me to check and see what the new version is by looking in the appliance console in the Appliance Management area.


We can see that we are running the new version.  So that is good.  Now we need to confirm things still look right in the vSphere Web Client.  And they do.  I see Dell info at the cluster and host level.  So the upgraded worked!

BTW, I checked the release notes, there was a bunch of new hardware supported, and a bunch of fixes, and a bunch of outstanding issues.  Nothing that jumped out at me as something I needed to mention here, but of course you should check them out just in case it does have something that impacts you.


  • 3/4/17 – made the screenshots bigger and added a new tag.
  • 11/3/15 – this article is about doing small point updates and works fine with 3.0.  If you need help to go from 2.x to 3.x you can find that help in this article.

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