Check out my new HooDoo TripMate Elite!

I heard about these new gadgets and they seemed to be interesting.  In the long ago past I cared a LinkSys portable WAP, and in the not long ago past I carried an Apple mini Extreme and they were all pretty good – especially the Apple one.  But I stopped doing that a couple of years ago.  This new gadget is very similar, but it has more functionality and is a little smaller.  It can share disk, and it is a battery that can charge my iPad or iPhone.  Plus it is a router so a little more protection.  I can travel with an Apple TV that is configured with the wireless of this little device so I only need to connect it to my hotel wired (or wireless) and I am good to go.  BTW I got this for about 47 CAD on Amazon.  Which is amazing as it is a good battery and a nice router.  Lets start with a picture.

TripMate Elite in it's carry case
TripMate Elite in it’s carry case

Wait, how about a naked picture?

TripMate, case and instructions
TripMate, case and instructions

Lets check out the ports on the device.  Nice to see both 1A and 2.1A USB charging ports.  I also like how there is a case and it can hold the TripMate and instructions too.

TripMate ports
TripMate ports

Here you can see the on button and status lights.

On / off switch and activity lights


You can find the software or manuals here.  You should get the software – HooToo TripMate for Mac or Windows for sure.

Wired connected Usage

So connect a network cable to the TripMate, plug it in, and while it will start charging the battery right away, you will need to push the power button.

Once it is on you will see a Wireless network broadcasting as TripMateElite-XXXX where mine was TripMateElite-54B4.  The password is “11111111” which is 8 ones.  You are now using that router to get to the internet.

Admin UI

The admin UI will let you do things like change a password or hide your SSID.  Once you are connected to the TripMate you should connect to and you will be prompted to authenticate.  If you prefer you can use the HooToo TripMate app to locate and connect you to the admin UI via the wired connection and local IP.

Authentication to TripMate admin UI
Authentication to TripMate admin UI

There is no default password to the UI, and once you log in you will be prompted to use a Setup wizard.


The first config screen you will see is the screen where you see how the TripMate is connected. Is it Wireless / Wired and the associated info.


I do suggest you change the password, and change the security to WPA2-PSK as I believe it is a little more secure – if you are a Mac user you should change it to Mixed WPA / WPA2 as I could not make WPA2 alone work. Also, if you do a really complex password like I did, you will not be successful.


So try again on the password. Numbers and upper / lower letter is not good.

Once that is done you will get a reboot message.


Followed by this informational message.


You will need to reconnect to your TripMate wireless network.

However, I was not able too – but if you follow my suggestion above and don’t use WPA2 you will be fine.  I leave the following info here in case you need it.  So I started up the Mac application called HooToo TripMate – info above where to find it.  It found the TripMate on the wired network.  I was able to authenticate with it using my new password.  However, I found in the Network Settings / WI-FI & LAN area a different password. The complex password that was not accepted so I changed it to the actual new one and let it restart.  I still was not successful.  However once I changed the Security settings to Mixed it worked fine.  See below.


You now have a better password both for joining the Wireless of your new TripMate Elite, but also have a password for your admin access.


If you plug in storage, make sure to use the proper port – it is labeled.  You could then use the Mac app – HooToo TripMate and use the My Storage button to connect the storage plugged into the TripMate to your Mac.  Windows guys do the same but with the Windows app.



When you first get this device you should plug it in and wait for it to charge.  It is charging when all the blue lights flash.  It is charged when they stop flashing.  In theory it is 3.5 hours but in my case the first time was much longer. I used my Jawbone mini USB to charge and it took all night and didn’t finish.  So avoid that and just plug it directly into the wall and it will be much quicker!

Wireless Connected Usage

This is also known as bridge mode, and I will add the information to do it once I figure it out.


This is quite a nice piece of gear.  I carry it now in my laptop bag instead of a battery.  And it is a router so a little better protection when I am in a hotel room.  It shares storage out nicely to, particularly good for working in a lab or classroom.

Questions or comments always welcome.


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