Newsletter: January 17, 2014

Hello all, I hope that this finds everyone well and happy this lovely weekend. I have had an interesting week working at CorpHQ as I get to work with some smart dev staff and work on an interesting product.  Today I am using a new tool to produce my newsletter.  If it works out well I will let you know what the tool is.  I have been looking for a better way to do a blog as compared to working in the WordPress web UI. Part of the reason is to do local saves if necessary.  My first tool at this failed terribly.  And in fact the second tool has now failed.  So back in the WordPress web UI.

I have a number of things for you today, and I hope that everyone finds something interesting.  I published an interesting article this week on deploying an MSI with AD.  It worked pretty good and it is a nice way to push out software.  I am not sure if I would want to push out Office this way but for a variety of things it is pretty handy.

BTW, tomorrow I head out to Pittsburgh to visit with customers, and I will also be speaking at the vBrisket.  We will be talking about home labs but also talking about whatever people are interested in.  Hope to see you there!

Have a great day!


365 day eval license for 9 VMware product if you are part of VMUG
This is most excellent and exactly what is needed.  If you are part of VMUG and that alone is a good deal, but now it includes licenses for nine different VMware products and the license is a 365 day eval license.  There is even a self serve portal to help manage this. So I think that this is a very good thing.  One surprising omission from the 9 VMware product is View but it may be included with the Horizon – I hope so.   See more from VMUG here.  But I do appreciate what has been done and it will be very good for customers – so thanks very much VMware!

You cannot use Open-VM-Tools to customize VMs
This is most amazing.  I can see this as very frustrating.  I think that Centos v7 comes with Open-VM-Tools as part of the image – which when I heard I was impressed and thought it was quite handy as installing VMware Tools was a little bit more difficult for me with my lack of Linux skills.  Then I learn that you cannot customize a Linux VM when the open-vm-tools are installed.  Since Centos is what my linux guys use, I think I will try using the legacy VMware Tools to support customization.  Either that or maybe stay on version 6?  I see in the comment of the referenced article that this should be fixed in the future.  Thank goodness.

QueryChangedDiskAreas API returns incorrect values after extending VMDK with CBT enabled
This is a serious issue that is solved in some versions of vSphere and not in the most recent release.  This means if your Backup software uses CBT and almost all of them do, you will need to disable CBT, and enable CBT after you extend the VM disk.  There is a small chance that Veeam doesn’t have an issue with this as they do something to mitigate it.  Not sure.

Windows 2012 R2 Preparation before vCenter Server 5.5 installation
Some good info on preparing your server before doing the vC install.  I do prefer using the vCSA myself.

vCenter 5.5 on Windows 2012 R2 with SQL Server 2014 – A Series
A nice article on getting vC installed in Windows with SQL Server 2014.  You can find part 2, and part 3 as well.

Log Insight: Linux Agent Configurations for Common Apps
This is most excellent.  It helps with a bunch of different VMware appliances, and other common Linux apps – like Jenkins which is great since we use that.  Thanks Steve!

Log Insight – Monitoring vCenter (Windows) Logs
This shows you how to monitor the Windows vC log files in Log Insight.  Definitely something worth doing.  The Content Pack for vSphere is pretty darn good and can help you understand the logs and watch for stuff that is important.  Don’t forge the content packs include alarms often too.

Is your vCAC 6.0 about to have a 1 – year anniversary? You may need this info!
This is an interesting problem, and description of how they dealt with it.  It also has the solution.  If you have had vCAC 6.0 running for a year, you have an issue, that will be seen if you try to upgrade.  Full info is here.  It is no surprise to me the GSS guy Frank was a rockstar, I knew that already!

vCAC Server Appliance 6.x upgrade fails
If you try to upgrade in the VAMI UI the vCAC server and it takes a long time and fails, then the solution is here.

One or more ESXi hosts missing from vRealize Operations Manager 6.0
I have not seen this but I can see it being quite frustrating!  If you are missing one of your ESXi hosts in vR Ops you can fix it with this.

vRealize Operations Global Settings
You can learn a little more about the vR Ops Global Settings in this article.

Performance Tweak – increasing max heap size  for vRealize Orchestrator Client
This is a both vRO and vCO issue.  If you work in big environments this suggestion will definitely help out with Java related performance issues.

Top 20 KB articles for Horizon with View
Some very good articles in this list – ones about where log files are, or custom cert installation help for example.  If you use or support View you may want to check the list and see what you might experience or avoid.

Create multiple VMs from vSphere VM using PowerCLI
If you want to spin up a bunch of VM’s there is a nice script here that can help.  Nice code.

vSphere Software iSCSI Basics
A nice article on this topic that a lot of us use without thinking.

Hybrid Sandboxing – Create the ultimate Test Dev Environment
An interesting approach and one that I think many might find useful!

How Folder redirection Impacts UI & Breaks Apps
This is the first in a five part series on this subject.  Important reading if you use redirected folders, or if you enable it for your customers!

Virtualizing Oracle databases on vSphere
Here is a book on the subject.  I have met one of the authors and he was / is pretty smart.  I do not know anyone who has used the book but I think it looks good.

Retiring old OSes: XP, Vista, Mac OS 10.6, 10.7
This is a short article from the View people about OSes that will not be supported in the future.  Find out more here.

Evernote Scannable
This is a most amazing application.  I use it to scan business cards and add them to my Contacts on my iPhone.  It will pull in the LinkedIn info if it finds it and it does a first rate scanning job.  I do recommend it.  Find it here.

Thanks for reading this far!  Even skimming this far is pretty good!


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