Alert: My Computer is not sick!

This is an odd one.  I mistyped and typed and got an odd site, and a woman talking at me – fierce voice – about how my computer was sick and I needed to call for help – immediately.  I actually saw a McAfee logo flash by and it finished on this.


I tried to do it again so I could record it so everyone could get a chuckle but I couldn’t for some reason.  But I still had the URL in history – and it is seen above so you can see what I saw if you want.

But do not believe or ever call these people.  Even if they are honest, professional, and competent (which is unlikely), this is not the way a professional business should try and get customers.  Scare us into calling them!?  Plus they think I am a Comcast subscriber and using Windows.  Doesn’t make me confident as neither is true.

Aside from taking a screenshot – with the URL in it, I checked my anti – malware, and started a scan – nothing found so I don’t think they planted anything.

I did call them – from a blocked number and they were polite.

Not sure if it is connected, or relevant, but I have had in the last week or so 2 maybe 3 calls from someone that has a very thick accent I have trouble with.  But they are asking about my computer and telling me it needs help – I think.  They come in on either 999/999-9999 or on a local area code at 403/476 1146 (neither numbers work for me) but they are something else you should avoid.

If you think your computer needs help – and you and Google cannot fix it, go visit Staples, or BestBuy or your nephew John / niece Jennifer.

Many of you do not need this warning – but I wanted to post this info just in case.


=== END ===

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