vSphere Web Client Health State Widget has errors after vR Ops Migration?

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Mine did.  Turns out you can find out more about this buried in the depths of a manual but I missed it.  After you upgrade your vC Ops to vR Ops you need to do something unexpected to get your Health State widgets working again.  They should look like this (or something like this):

Healthy Health State
Healthy Health State

But after the migration, and after vC Ops was powered off, and vR Ops was looking good my Health State was error filled and nothing like above.  But fixing it is not hard.


In vR Ops, change to Administration / Solutions.  Then highlight the VMware vSphere adapter, and use the little gear icon.  See it below.

Configure the vSphere adapter
Configure the vSphere adapter

This will open up a dialog that will allow us to make a variety of different changes.

vSphere adapter settings
vSphere adapter settings

Use the Manage Registration button in the bottom right – Note: you may not see Manage Registration.  If you don’t just defined the connection and use the Save button.  Manage Registration is only available if you have defined a connection / credentials already.

You will see the following dialog.

Time to fix things!
Time to fix things!

Make sure to check the Use collection credentials box.  Follow that up with Register.  When it is finished do the Save and Complete choices.

Now you must log out of the vSphere Web Client and log back in.  Once you do that your Health State Widget will work but so will other things – like vSphere and vR Ops will talk better to each other!

Let me know if you have questions or comments!  You can see other vR Operations articles I have done with this tag.


  • 7/13/15 – added the info about what to do if no Manage Registration button.


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  1. You dah man! I was able to see the health info from the vSphere web client after following these instructions. Thanks for sharing.

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