Configuring outbound SMTP on vRealize Operations v6

Hello all,

This is just a quick note to help get outbound SMTP working for vR Ops.

Start on the Home page, and select Administration followed by Outbound Alert Settings (changed in 6.1).


Use the green arrow you can see in the image above to start the process.


Change the Plugin Type to be Standard Email.


Fill it in appropriately.  It may look something like this:


Make sure to Test.  However double-check everything first.  I had a typo and when I tested it went somewhere odd and stayed there.  I had to close the browser and log in again and do it over.  Once you test successfully and save you get this.


Additional information on this process can be found here.  You can find information on configuring an alert that can be sent via email in this.


  • 11/15/15 – updated for vR Ops 6.1.


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