Add a Read Only account to vRealize Operations v6

I think that I will be needing a read only type account in my vRealize environment soon so here is how to do it.

First you need to have Active Directory (if that is your thing) configured which you can find help for in this.

Start in Home, Administration, and Access Controls.


We will use the odd icon indicated above with the red arrow.  This will start an add user wizard.


Select your domain, and search for a user.  I am using my test account – mwtest.

Once your account is selected we should Next.


Make sure to use the Users group.  Now change to the Roles tab.


Select the ReadOnly role, and change to the Objects tab.


As this account is going to be used is read only, I want the user to be able to look at anything.  So as you can see above I have selected all of the objects.  It does not seem to be true as I don’t seem to have access to VIN as I do as an admin.  I think the information is still there though – meaning you can see dependencies.

Now select Finish.

Be careful of the log in process.


Be specific as seen above – no mwtest, or pml\mwtest type stuff only

The first time the read only user logs in they will see the following.


Hope that this helps,


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