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This is something else that irritated me in the lab recently so hopefully if I share it out that will or might help someone else avoid it.


Created a new pool, entitled someone – me to it, and connected.  Got a black screen.


I was surprised to see it as the main pool I use was working fine.  So that means no firewall type of issues.  But I had just redid my template – remember this?


I Googled and found a number of things
KB 1016753
KB 2039529
But in this one I got a clue.  Order of operation. I didn’t use this one but it did look like my next step.


I thought the order of operation was interesting since I had updated the VMware Tools right before I converted my newly made Win7 VM to a template.  So it had tools, then View Agent, then Tools update.  So I turned it back into a VM, removed Tools, and the View agent.  Restarted.  Installed Tools.  Restarted.   Installed View agent.  Restarted.  Did the Trend Image thing and turned the VM into a template again.  And now I could connect to my desktop in the new pool without the ugly black screen!

I should mention that once I discovered this issue, I disable provisioning in the Pools using this poor template, then deleted VMs provisioned recently.  After I updated the template I enabled before I tested.

I expect many of you to know this already but just in case – it is in my blog now.


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