What is a DiscoveryPoint? Why is it important?

Hi there,

I was asked recently what a Discovery Point was and why it was important.  I will start the answer off that with something I wrote before:

What is a DiscoveryPoint (DP)?  It is a combination of a things.  It does snapshots but not like traditional tools meaning they are not done on the primary IO path.  A DP also does a lot of our Intelligence work that means you can easily find PII like credit cards or social security numbers.  It also does our indexing so that you can find whatever you want! Why I mention this here is that a DP works with VMware such that a VM that does a VMware Snapshot (during a DP) will see it done very fast thanks to our DP helping with it.  So if you do VMware Snapshots on other storage and they take X amount of time, they will in fact be quicker on our storage and take Y amount of time.

This sounds pretty good doesn’t it?  What is important to understand is that it does most of its magic on different processor / RAM / disks than what primary IO is running on.  So pretty darn important.  But there is something else.  This is version 1.  What until you see what we have in the not so far off future!

BTW, you can learn more about DataGravity here, or check out this page for links to interesting things.


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