How do I use my iPad?

This came up recently.  Someone didn’t use their iPad much and got me thinking about what I use my iPad for. So here it is in case anyone finds it useful.

The stuff I do with my iPad:

  • I watch TV shows on airplanes, and even movies sometimes with it (using iTunes).
  • I read fiction and non fiction when I travel or when I am on the road (using iBooks or Kindle).
  • I read technical books – both to learn, but also use as a reference with my iPad sitting beside me.
  • I have a tool – iVMControl – that I use to check out my lab VMware gear when I don’t have access  to my laptop – this while I am inside my lab’s network.
  • I have a tool – iOS View Client – that I use to check my lab from outside my network when I am on the road. I do not do extensive work this way, but I have done VUM upgrades, or  deployed a VM kind of stuff.  Pretty easy for many things.
  • I read and send emails – using built in apps with Google as the server
  • I use my calendar and do calendar stuff using the built in apps and Google as the server
  • I read and send Tweets – using Tweetbot – a great Twitter client!
  • I read Internet articles, blog articles too, via InstantPaper on my iPad too.  This app lets you ‘tag’ web pages for reading later, as well as capture RSS feeds and read them all in the same client when you are stuck without Internet or on a plane!

And here is something I do with my old iPad:

  • I use it on a stand in my office as a status board – with software called Status Board   Meaning it shows weather, appointments, emails, tweets, articles I might like.  So if my computer is busy, or I am on the whiteboard working on something, I can always look over and see my old iPad on a stand with the info.  Nothing other then a basic config – no custom stuff.  But very handy.  I took a screenshot to show you but had too much stuff that was not appropriate to share but one day will get a screenshot good to share.

So that is it.  Definitely a good investment for me.  I don’t play games but if I did that would be even a better deal!


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