Zerto and ESXi host patching – be aware!

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Just something to be aware of.  When you have Zerto installed, you will generally have it installed to each of the hosts in your cluster.  Meaning the Zerto appliance (VRA) is on each host.  This works well and does good replication with a small footprint.  However what is not immediately apparent is those appliances are pinned to the host they are working with.  This means those hosts will not go into maintenance mode successfully.  This also means you will not be successful in patching your hosts using VMware Update Manager (VUM) which is one of my favorite patch tools.

What I do is to shut down each of the appliances before I patch.  They are all in a folder called Zerto but it seems I cannot do a shutdown of them at the same time.  So I shut them down one by one.  However, I can highlight them all and use Power On to get them all on with the minimum of fuss.

I would like to script this out but it turns out to be much harder in PowerCLI to turn off all VMs that start with Z-VRA*.  I don’t have a lot of time right now to fight with scripts.  But having a script that turned off the VMs with that prefix, or turned them on would be nice.  I will try to get to that script.

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Update: 10/5/14 – I have a draft script that I think will do a very good job on dealing with this – will see and if it works as good as I think it will I will have the author publish it.  This script will deal with VUM and Zerto, and make sure everything keeps working and yet gets patched too!

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  1. You could also get more granular with:

    get-vm | Where-Object {$_.Name -like “Z-VRA*”} | Shutdown-VMGuest

    Then you could target the member properties like VM name or folder or description etc

    1. That is awesome. Thanks very much. You can expect to see a nice script from me – thanks to your help – as soon as I find time to work on it. Thanks again!

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