Do passwords in iOS survive the upgrade to a iPhone?

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This is something I learned quite some time ago.  If you encrypt your backup then after your upgrade or your move to a new iPhone, your passwords will still be there.  This means things like Dropbox, Wi-fi, and email for example will work without you re-entering your password.

Encrypted backup is done like below.

local and encrypted backup

I do in fact normally use Cloud backup as that is easy.  But for upgrades I use an encrypted backup as that makes the whole process very quick and easy.

Why am I sharing this with you?  It turns out that this did not work for me when I upgraded to the iPhone 6.  So I had to re-enter all of my passwords.  What a hassle.  Even had to redo my fingerprints but I expected that due to their nature and the fact they are associated with a specific chip in my old phone.

So instead of a fast upgrade to a new phone, set aside a little more time for dealing with all of the passwords you may not remember too quickly!

BTW, here is an Apple KB article that says I remember things right, and while it doesn’t say iPhone types or iOS versions it does implies it should still work as I think.  So either a bug or perhaps I made a mistake.  I would love to hear in the comments how your upgrade to a new iPhone went.  BTW, I love my new iPhone 6.


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