We are Ready. Come visit us…

A short time ago we finished with the setup of our booth.  We are good to go.  Here are some quick photos.

Our first visitor (actually the guy who built the booth!).


We do have a contest.  If you are seen wearing one of our DataGravity pins on your badge lanyard you could win this prize:


Here is something you will not see during the show (DataGravity people using their phones).


That is Dave Siles who is our VP of Field Operations, and Todd Barton who is one of our System Engineers.  BTW, Todd is one of the guy doing demos.

Here is a shot where are almost finished.


A little more tidy, then vacuuming and we are good!  I am looking forward to talking with people and seeing what you all think.

Have a great show!


=== END ===

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