My View 6 upgrade – easy and smooth, but…

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I am sorry I have been so quiet lately.  Crazy busy at work and home.  But I do have lots to share but only a quick note before I head out on something I just noticed.  I upgraded my View 6 lab.  It is very important as it is how I get back to the lab when I am on the road – which is where I am a lot.  After the upgrade I noticed that I was missing my license.  I tried to add it back and it was not accepted.  I eventually checked My VMware and found a Horizon Workspace with View license and tried it and it was accepted.  I did not find any note of this in a Google search or in the release notes.  But be aware as this may impact you.  I have only one other comment – they still don’t let you upgrade the View Agent when you are connected to that desktop via View.  Too bad.  The Agent upgrade needed a restart, but the connection servers upgrade did not.

But in summary – other than the license, it was quick, easy and smooth.  I like the new look for the clients.  I am not yet using any of the new features.  I just wanted everything to work and I don’t have any spare time to improve or change things.

Be aware that you still need to use an external agent to capture the View and PCoIP logs and forward them to syslog.  The configuration option inside View to do that still doesn’t send all the info.

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View log file locations ( I recommend and use Log Insight, and you can use the Windows Agent with it to forward View and PCoIP log files to Log Insight.)


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