Log Insight 2.0 Upgrade – Wow!!

Wow.  I am impressed.  The LI 2.0 upgrade was quick and smooth – even though I was using a beta build.  And the polish, and elegance is amazing.  I know many of the dev team on this product – I worked a lot with Chengdu and Jay, as well as with Spiros, Steve and Jon.  So an amazing team, and so I should not be surprised to see what they have done with 2.0.  Even over the beta I am most amazed.  Great work everyone in the LI team!!

I will show the upgrade below but I will likely not do that in the future as it is pretty easy.  I will talk about the new version, and suggest checking out this article if you need help with the upgrade.  If the upgrade process changes much I will of course document that.

Pre – requisites

  • You should have a working copy of Log Insight.  If it is not working properly than you may have issues doing an upgrade.
  • You should have the bits for the LI 2.0 upgrade – which is a .pak file.  You can the bits here.  The file name will have in it 2.0.3-1879692 which tells you it is in fact 2.0 GA.
  • You should have a backup – such as a snapshot.  Not likely to need it mind you, but safe is good.
  • You should check out the release notes in case there is something that impacts you.


  • You should log in and confirm what build you are using.  I like to do this to be able to see afterwards that the version number has actually changed.


  • You can see I have 2.0 Beta (2.0.0-1688092).
  • Use the Upload PAK button you see in the image above to start the upgrade.
  • Select the appropriate .pak file.


  • You can see both the .ova which is the complete appliance and the .pak file.  Select the .pak file to start your upgrade.
  • Once you have picked the .pak file you will see that LI is ready to be upgraded.


  • Use the Upgrade button you see above next.
  • You will be asked if you are sure, and if you are, than continue!


  • Once you have started the upgrade you will see something like below.


  • You are likely wondering by now where the heck the EULA is.


  • Once you have Accepted the EULA the actual upgrade will continue.


  • This screen will take a few minutes to clear, and than you will be prompted to log back in.


  • Once you log in, you will see a nice message about the upgrade.


  • I always like to confirm the version, even if I see it on a splash screen like above.  So lets change to the Appliance Admin page and check it (BTW, the access of the Admin page is a little different – it is to the right of your name in the top right, and looks like ladder).


  • We do see that we have the version we are supposed to and that is of course very good!


I like to test after an upgrade.  I generally do the same test I did before the upgrade, or in the past after an upgrade.  Mostly, while I know the version upgrade has happened, I want to make sure that the application is actually working normally – the goal is for the application to be working so the end users do not know about the upgrade – except by noticing new features.  When you look at the main screen it is obviously different so we know the upgrade worked.


There is something else I want to do for a test.  This is using a feature that I was a big fan of before there was a 1.0 of LI, and it has now made it back into the product.


This is showing the unique count of hostname in my lab over time.  Very cool!  You can check this out to learn more about the new features of Log Insight.

There you have it – you are working in 2.0 now, without much work, and you will really appreciate the new version!

As always, comments or questions are welcome.


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