Alert – NFS APD issue has patch now

Hello all,

I am a few days late on this.  VMware released a patch for the 5.5 U1 NFS APD issue that I reported to you some time ago (April 19th in fact).  The original KB article is here but you just need to use VUM to update your hosts and you will have protected yourself against this issue.

One lab that I know was having this issue – Chris Wahl’s home lab is NOT having the issue after this patch so that is very good to know.  In my lab, due to light workload I suspect, I was not having this issue but the patch applied with no issues.

If you have downloads configured on your VUM (and you should) you will already have the patch and you just need to apply it.  BTW, the patch is actually part of the non-critical patches dynamic baseline.  I have configured VUM to let me know when patches come down as a good way to alert me.

Again, this is an important patch if you are using vSphere 5.5 U1 and NFS so think about applying it.


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