Veeam 7.0 Patch 4 Upgrade – smooth!

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I upgraded my lab recently to Patch 4 of Veeam 7.0 R2 and it was smooth but since I use and like Veeam I thought I would share how the upgrade went.

Here is what I did before the actual upgrade.

  • I took this opportunity to upgrade Adobe and MS before I started my upgrade.
  • You can find the Veeam upgrade itself and what it fixes in this.
  • I am using and after the upgrade I should be at
  • Before you start, make sure your backups have been running good for a while.

Now you should be ready to start your actual upgrade.

  • Stop the Veeam services.
  • Now apply the patch.  Pretty easy as there is not much for us to do.  When you complete, it will want to restart.  Don’t forget the restart is pretty quick, but it takes a moment or three for all the Veeam services to start.
  • Start Veeam and you should see something like this.


Followed by:



  • I have a small lab that Veeam is protecting so it did not take long to update the components.  But I like the look of it and I bet it really helps in the bigger environments.
  • I manually triggered a backup job and it worked fine.  So I believe that this means the upgrade was good but make sure to check the version / build – it should say
  • Make sure to check the next day for the scheduled backups status – they should all work as per normal.

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