BusyCal and Google – great combination!

Hi all,

I used to use BusyCal as a replacement to the Apple Calendar when I was hooked up to Zimbra and things were not perfect.  BusyCal actually knew what Zimbra was and worked good.  I switched back to BusyCal recently to improve my experience with Google Calendar.  Since I changed to Postbox and it was much better I thought to improve my standards and I started using BusyCal.  It has gone very well indeed.

  • It shows me the Google calendars that are in use, or used to be in use.  Very handy and of course Calendar did not do that.
  • I do not have to double + click on the ics in invites but I can hit Yes, and it shows up in my Google and BusyCal calendars very nicely.
  • Added in a new iCal subscription from TripIt and it worked great with no issues and in a very short amount of time!

Aside from the Google related things, I also like:

  • The backups and restores are nice and handy!
  • I like how it adds the weather at the top of the day – good info with very little space used.
  • It handles timezone stuff very well
  • It lets me customize the fields that are shown when I make appointments
  • I like how it uses the OS Notifications
  • I like how it automatically timestamps certain things
  • When they first released they had a short cycle of updates, which was good, and they have been around longer now and the cycle is not as short which is also good.

So I am very happy now with my mail and calendaring.  Both new tools are very much a positive impact on me.


=== END ===

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