Incoming messages in colour? Like Apple Mail – yes we can!!

Hello all,

I am still quite happy using Postbox and maybe a little more since using it a little longer.  But one thing I could not see how to do annoyed me.  I use colour to attract me to certain emails – like from my wife, or my boss.  Easy to do that in Apple Mail but not here.  But I figured it out.

First, we need to create a Topic – in my example my wife.  So use the Postbox Preferences, and access Display / Topic.


You will need to use the + sign to add a user, and select a colour for them.  So now if you manually assign a topic – such as my wife or boss to a message the message info will be in colour.  But who wants manual?

Now we use Tools / Message Filters.


We need to create a new filter for a particular condition, such as an incoming message sender.  We should have as an action as Add Topic, and select Angela.  See what this looks like below.


You can see above that I have both my wifes emails – one from work, and one from home.  Plus the action of Add Topic with my wifes name.  So this will make sure that emails from my wife are coloured.  Which means they stand out better.

Now I have my wife send me some sample messages and you can see what it looks like – and how well it stands out – below.


Hope that this helps, and let me know if you need more info.  BTW, don’t forget to watch this for any old or new Postbox articles.


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